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Meditations to Support Your Healing

I am delighted you have found my website. We are all connected, our hearts draw us towards people and experiences for a reason. There are no “coincidences”. I look forward to helping you create the state of well-being you seek. Whether it is health, relationships or clearer skin you are looking for, the answer lies within you. With a little guidance you can learn tap in to your innate healing abilities. You can create miracles!

If you are ready to change how you view your body and dis-ease forever, you’ve come to the right place!

You may have heard of the power of intention, that your thoughts create your reality, that your health is a direct result of your thoughts. But we are bombarded with messages of fear daily so how do we counter it? How do we clear the emotional pain that is causing our dis-ease, change our thoughts and allow our inner healer to do its work?

Beyond Affirmations healing meditations are designed to help you do exactly that!

Each meditation addresses the negative emotions generally held in specific areas of the body leading to pain and dis-ease. Powerful clearing statements help you move trapped emotions and energy and replace them with positive, healthy, healing affirmations. This supports healing in the area, organ or relationship you are working on.

When you tap in to your inner healing ability and feel the power of it you will never look at your body or dis-ease in the same way.

Your cells are listening! What messages are you sending them?

Listen to samples of our healing meditations here




What Your Body Wants to Hear,
Heal Your Relationship with Food


What Your Body Wants to Hear, Support Your Heart


What Your Body Wants to Hear, Headaches & Migraine

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Beyond Affirmations guided meditations offer you a simple and safe way to take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Designed to support your healing process, these peaceful yet powerful meditations guide you through releasing the specific emotional issues which create pain and psychological blocks. READ MORE...
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Latest feedback

"I read through your new web site and I absolutely love it! WELL DONE Spiritual Sister. You will help a lot of people.

Robert Fritchie, World Service Institute

"We feel very positive about your work, it's needed today. There are many people out there who want, are yearning for, are craving, the kind of wisdom and information that you are offering through this channel of your work.

Know that your work is making a huge difference."

Spirit through John Cali.