What Your Body Wants To Hear

tn_BeyondAffirmationsCoverIf you would like gentle reminders to be kind to yourself, to love your body and to remember who you truly are. I have created a Beyond Affirmations Calendar for 2014.  Each month has an empowering message taken from the Beyond Affirmations: What Your Body Wants To Hear programmes.

Calendars are £12.99 including E.U. & U.K. postage (please add $5.00 for postage to the U.S.)  and packing payable through Paypal.  Please contact me by email at scathach21@yahoo.co.uk or message me on Facebook for further details or to order.

With love,


tn_NewCalJan tn_NewCalFeb tn_NewCalMar tn_NewCalApr tn_NewCalMay tn_NewCalJun tn_NewCalJul tn_NewCalAug tn_NewCalSep tn_NewCalOct tn_NewCalNov tn_NewCalDec

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Latest feedback

"I read through your new web site and I absolutely love it! WELL DONE Spiritual Sister. You will help a lot of people.

Robert Fritchie, World Service Institute

"We feel very positive about your work, it's needed today. There are many people out there who want, are yearning for, are craving, the kind of wisdom and information that you are offering through this channel of your work.

Know that your work is making a huge difference."

Spirit through John Cali.