2018 – A Year Of Rising Heart Energy

2018 – A Year Of Rising Heart Energy

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2017 has seen some momentous situations on the world stage and in our own lives. It can be hard sometimes to remember that we have moved into new energy and that everything we see is a result of that and in the long run, it’s all for the good.

We truly are seeing the good, the bad and the extremely ugly playing out in front of us. This is really is a time of no more secrets, the rising of the feminine energy and the opening of hearts. But it doesn’t look the way many of us believed or hoped it would!

In my book, Brighter Horizons – Spiritual Illuminations from the Magdaleine Group, the group talked about the shells we put around our hearts to try to protect them. They explained that when those shells crack open the pain we feel feels as though it is the pain of our own hearts, but it is not. The pain we feel is actually us allowing the love and compassion of our hearts to flow out to the world.

When we see the suffering around us we, as empaths and sensitives, can be overwhelmed or even paralysed by it. We may feel like shutting down and hiding from the world. Alternatively, we can open our hearts even further. We can use these experiences to grow in compassion, wisdom and love. We can do what we came here to do during this amazing time of transition and use our unique capacity for love and our powerful energy to help raise the vibration and add to and welcome the rise of the long awaited and much needed feminine energy.

The energy of grief has been very powerful on the planet in recent years. I have explored that one more thoroughly than I would ever have wanted to! But there is light on the horizon on that one, the time of exploring grief, transmuting it and becoming aware that our hearts are opening to more love and compassion and we don’t have to live in grief is here. That knowledge will become even more apparent in 2018 as the heart energy continues to rise.

There are those who continue to promulgate fear energy for their own purposes. Fear constricts and diminishes us on all levels, it causes division and separation but it cannot stand against love. As the heart energy rises and we move deeper into our loving hearts, fear energy loses it’s power and it’s control over us. If fear energy is still biting at your heels try my free Release, Heal & Transform Fear guided meditation to kick it into touch once and for all!

Whether we are aware of it or not, we empaths, sensitives and lightworkers have been preparing for this time of rising heart and feminine energy for most, if not all, of this lifetime. We are the way-showers, the vanguard of the new energy and ways of being. Our hearts are calling us to action. We understand energy, we understand that love and compassion are signs of true strength and wisdom not weakness as the old energy would have us believe.

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Now more than ever, it is vital that we look after ourselves first! Self-care has been a huge challenge for many of us but now, more than ever it is vital that we practice proper self-care. If we don’t take care of ourselves first we can fall into blame, judgement, anger, frustration, self-pity, depression and a whole host of other dark places. So please think about that, are there any areas that you still need to heal in yourself? If there are, now is the time to recognise and attend to them with love and compassion (no beating yourself up or self-judgement!).

The best way to prepare for 2018 and help the planet usher in the rising heart energy, is to spend any free time you have from now until the New Year, healing your own wounds, giving your love to your own heart. From the time you read this until 2018 (and hopefully beyond!) treat yourself as you would treat a beloved child, lover or pet. That is the very best way you can prepare for 2018.

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