6 Quick Tips To Focus Your Mind to Heal Your Body!

Never underestimate the power of the mind. Your mind is your most powerful tool and contributes hugely to your healing process. You can use the power of your mind to ease pain and help your body to heal.


Following these steps with your conscious mind will help you, but the real power is your subconscious mind. So if at all possible, get yourself in to a meditative state before doing these exercises.  (The most powerful way to access your subconscious mind is as you drift off to sleep so you might even want to record these exercises and take yourself through them at bed time.)

It can be hard to relax or quiet your mind when you are anxious or in pain. Don’t worry too much if you can’t do it at first, it will come as you move through the following steps. 

Behind every feeling and thought, there is an emotion. Different emotions affect different parts of your body.

Focus your awareness (without criticism or judgement) on the painful part of your body.

  1. Imagine surrounding and filling the painful part of your body with beautiful, warm healing energy.

  2. Fill and surround the whole area with love. Imagine gently pushing the pain out of your body (without criticism or judgement) and filling the whole area with love and/or light.

  3. Imagine surrounding and filling the painful part of your body with beautiful, warm healing energy.

  4. Get right down to the cellular level, imagine surrounding and filling every cell with love.

  5. Thank your cells for the amazing job they do for you. Talk to them, see if a feeling, thought, smell, taste or other message comes to you.

  6. Move into your heart and into deep gratitude to your body. 

We are energetic beings, sending love and gratitude to our bodies instead of judgement and criticism not only changes how we feel but it changes our energy and our physiology.

It is vital that you deal with the emotions causing or contributing to your pain. The more specific you can be about your emotions, the more effective your healing tends to be. If you know how you feel about your pain, how it affects your life, your mood and your ability to do the things you want to do, accept and acknowledge that emotion as it comes up.  Use your favourite energy therapy on the emotion or simply surround it (and yourself) with love and/or light.

Different emotions affect different parts of the body, financial fears tend to lodge in the lower back, toxic relationships can affect our stomachs, fear of what lies ahead in our hips, carrying too much responsibility might manifest in our neck, shoulders and/or upper back. All of the emotional issues connected to the different areas of the body are addressed in great detail in my What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations – I have done the hard work for you. 🙂 Sign up for our newsletter and get your copy of Your Aches & Pains Have A Message For You! to discover the connections between emotions & pain in different areas of your body.

I use very, very specific clearings and affirmations to target all the underlying emotions which contribute to pain in different areas of the body in my What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations. I believe that’s why people report such great results! (See our Customer Review tab on the menu at the very top right of this page).

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2 thoughts on “6 Quick Tips To Focus Your Mind to Heal Your Body!

  • May 3, 2021 at 2:31 pm

    I have used your mobile app for many years and I love it, it helps me stay on the positive side of life and allows me to bask in good health and self love. The only improvement I can suggest is in the app itself. I would like to be able to create a play list and allow it to repeat while I sleep.

    • May 3, 2021 at 3:47 pm

      Dear Debra,

      Thank you for your kind comments, I am so pleased you have found my meditations helpful. I don’t have any control over the mobile apps. Any comments regarding the apps should be sent to :- indie goes software




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