7 Easy (& Free) Ways to Ease Stress & Boost Your Immune System

7 Easy (& Free) Ways to Ease Stress & Boost Your Immune System

The relentless scare stories that we are all plugged into 24 hours a day are doing our immune systems no good at all!  Fear depletes our immune systems. 

Our bodies respond to the images in our minds!

The mind and body are intrinsically connected. Your body is unable to tell the difference between reality and imagination. So when you focus on your fears it creates as much havoc with your hormones, body chemistry and energy field as it would if you were facing a dangerous situation in real life.

Stress knocks our bodies off balance and triggers a cascade of stress hormones which influence your body via the autonomic nervous system. When our bodies are in flight, fight or freeze mode they have less energy available to maintain our immune systems and to heal and repair. It stands to reason then that chronic stress can easily lead to poor health and illness.

Your thoughts create an instant reaction in your body. Emotional stress alerts the body to produce stress chemicals such as cortisol, which—if produced on an ongoing basis—begin to break down the immune, gastrointestinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems.

More than ever we have to find a way to consciously relieve our stress levels every day!


One thing you can do is disconnect from all sources of ‘news’ at least for a short time during the day.  Make sure you don’t leave the news on in the background. Even though you might not be consciously aware of it, those fear-filled messages are getting through to your subconscious mind!

Boost your immune system!

Your immune system is what is going to get you through this crisis. It has protected you since the day you were born and you want it to be healthy when you venture back out into the world.  Boost your immune system with loving, grateful and positive thoughts and messages. Visualize your immune system healthy, vibrant and sparkling with light. Set a powerful intention to send love and gratitude to your immune system then use these Top Ten Affirmations to Boost Your Immune System

Choose where to put your Attention

Focus on something uplifting as often as you can throughout the day. Nature is a great nurturer. No matter how far from nature we seem to have come, as human beings, our roots are in nature and nature is a great healer. So even if all you can see of nature is the sky or a house plant, try to focus and connect with nature in some way.

Don’t get trapped in fear!

Do whatever it takes to move your attention to something you can feel loving and grateful towards.  Pets are an  ideal source of unconditional love.  If you don’t have a pet, watching animal videos can also be a great distraction. My free Release, Heal & Transform Fear meditation can also help you step out of fear.

Acknowledge the grief. 

We are also dealing with grief at the moment. Some people are suffering horrendous personal loss. Even if we haven’t suffered personally, we are all grieving the loss of a way of life.  This grief is perfectly valid and most of us will go through the recognised phases of grief. You can ease and perhaps even speed up getting through this grief by dealing with it consciously rather than trying to ignore or suppress it.  Our Affirmations for Grief & Trauma (Recommended as one of the best in grief affirmations by ObitTree) may help you do this.


It can be hard if not impossible to completely quiet and still your mind at the moment. This is where guided meditation really helps. It is not asking your mind to be still, simply to follow along as you are guided through letting go of painful or fearful thoughts and replacing them with peaceful, loving, healthy and empowering ones.  Over 16K meditators have enjoyed my free Release, Heal & Transform Fear meditation and left some really lovely reviews. Learn more and download  the MP3 free here.


Reading, speaking aloud or using energy therapies with affirmations can be a great way to step out of stress and anxiety.  I have literally thousands of free affirmations for physical pain, finances, self- love, grief, stress and anxiety here on my site just use the search facility to find what you need. Probably the most useful (apart from the meditations for physical pain which can be found through the search facility) at the moment are:-

Affirmations to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Release, Heal & Transform Fear

Healing Affirmations for Grief & Trauma

To your health, well-being and healing,




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