Are You Suffering Generational Grief?

Are You Suffering Generational Grief?


If you’ve been working on your emotional issues but just can’t get to the root of a nagging sadness or fear. Or lived with a feeling you just can’t put your finger on your whole life have you ever thought the feeling might not actually be yours?

The hidden and often forgotten grief that most (if not all) of us are carrying – generational grief.

The ovum that made you, existed in your grandmother’s body. You have a direct, biological connection three generations back. Think about that for a moment. Think about what your grandmother’s generation experienced! Wars, dictatorships, famines, empires, carnage on such vast scales that we can’t even comprehend. If just a tiny modicum of that grief found its way into us, that’s potentially a huge amount of hidden grief.

Even if you don’t adhere to the idea of generational grief in physical form, Dr Gabor Maté teaches how we pass our emotional traumas and grief on through our behaviour.

The grief and pain we see around us, triggers the grief and pain we are holding, maybe even trying to suppress inside us.

I don’t write any of this to scare you.  That is VERY last thing I want to do!! Just be aware, that if you are struggling with grief or sadness you can’t explain, these are some avenues you might want to explore.

The Emotional / Physical Connection

The organs associated with grief are our lungs. Contributing factors to lung problems can be issues such as having difficulty standing up for yourself, constantly needing support or approval, feeling weepy, sad, or tired, unexpressed grief and unshed tears.

So protect your lungs, deal consciously and deliberately with your (or your ancestor’s) grief.  Our free Healing Affirmations For Grief & Trauma. might help you identify some of your feelings and help you clear them.

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