The Mystery of the 11.11 (Or 154 lbs) Barrier To Weight Loss Solved!

The Mystery of the 11.11 (Or 154 lbs) Barrier To Weight Loss Solved!

The Mystery of the 11.11 (Or 154 lbs) Barrier To Weight Loss Solved!

Overcoming Complex Emotional Barriers To Weight Loss.

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A few years ago in my Emotional Freedom Technique Practice, I specialised in helping people with weight issues.

I worked both in in-person groups and private sessions and was fascinated by the various, sometimes complex, reasons we hold on to excess weight.

It’s now fairly well-known that putting on and carrying excess weight can be a protective reaction to trauma. Using E.F.T. it is a fairly simple matter to clear the feelings and emotions around the trauma and allow the body to come back into balance.

What is less well- known is that holding on to excess weight can also be a reaction to a happy memory. A skilled E.F.T. practitioner should be able to help you untangle and heal those feelings and emotions too.

Another, less well-known, aspect of why we hold on to excess weight is that something traumatic happened when you were last at your ideal weight. This can be quite complex to unravel, especially if the trauma is deeply hidden.

One lady I worked with, we’ll call her Sally, used a well-known national weight loss plan and had great success up to a point. That point was 11st 11 lbs and she simply could not get past it! It was like a brick wall that she just could not get over.

Despite following the weight loss plan to the letter, she could never get beyond 11st 11lbs! That was when she turned to me for help.

After a bit of exploratory work and a lot of tapping, I asked what had been going on in her life when she was last at her ideal weight. She told me she was at college, she loved her course, had a great social life and a loving relationship. Everything had been wonderful. It seemed we’d hit another dead end.

We kept tapping, but nothing I tried resonated with her. All of a sudden she exclaimed, “Oh My God! Now I remember”. A deeply hidden memory suddenly surfaced. She remembered discovering the perfect boyfriend had been unfaithful and she, in a fit of misery, had taken a bottle of whisky and walked into the sea one night. Nothing traumatic there then???

Once we had discovered this memory, it was fairly straight forward to clear the emotions and trauma from it with E.F.T.

After clearing the emotions around that memory and maintaining the same weight loss regime, she flew easily beyond  the dreaded 11st 11lbs and reached her ideal weight.

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Another lady I worked with had a similar experience. The last time she’d been at her ideal weight, she’d become pregnant and as a single mother struggled to survive financially. There was no way she wanted to go back to that! Again, clearing the emotional traumas surrounding that experience, cleared the way for her to go on to achieve her ideal weight.

In cases like these, will power, exercise and strict diets are just not going to cut it because your body, in its wisdom, is trying to protect you. Which brings me back to my favourite saying, “Your body is not your enemy, it is always, always doing the very best it can to protect you”.

Free Affirmations To Help You Heal Your Relationship With Food

The True Key To Permanent, Healthy Weight Loss Special Package

Love to all those wise and wonderful bodies,






Free Guides for E.F.T. Based Self-Healing Sessions

Free Guides for E.F.T. Based Self-Healing Sessions

Free Guides for E.F.T. Based Self-Healing Sessions

If you love E.F.T. but are never sure what words to use, this is for you!

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You may have heard that emotional issues contribute to painful physical conditions but how do you know which emotions created which conditions?  It can take a lot of detective work and research to find out which emotions create and contribute to physical pain. It is all based on embryology and which areas of the brain are connected with different areas of the body, which sounds a bit daunting!  The good news is, I have done the detective work for you!

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Each of my What Your Body Wants To Hear  guided, healing meditations was thoroughly researched so they target the emotions most likely to be causing pain in specific areas.  The words and phrases are designed to work on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Transcripts of all my meditations are freely available. Get them now and get tapping!

With my love,


Physical Issues

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Solutions To Knee Pain. Is Surgery The Only Way?

Solutions To Knee Pain. Is Surgery The Only Way?

Knee Pain, Is Surgery The Only Way? Or Could There Be Another Option?

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Does Surgery Always Heal Knee Pain?

The answer seems to be sometimes yes, sometimes no. But is that really good enough? Why would the same operation work for some people but not others? Is “sometimes it works other times it doesn’t” really good enough if you are facing an invasive, painful and in the U.S., expensive procedure? Is it a good enough answer when you have to take time off work, perhaps even risk losing your job? Is it a good enough answer if your family suffer either financially or through you not being there for them?


The Surgery Route

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine described how 180 patients with knee pain received one of three types of treatment:

  • Debridement, in which worn, torn or loose cartilage is cut away and removed with the aid of a pencil thin viewing tube called an arthroscope.
  • Arthroscopic lavage, in which the damaged cartilage is flushed out.
  • Simulated arthroscopic surgery in which small incisions were made, but no instruments were inserted and no cartilage removed.image of a knee operationDuring two years of follow-up, patients in all three groups reported moderate improvements in pain and ability to function.Neither of the intervention groups reported less pain or better function than the placebo group.Indeed, the placebo patients reported better outcomes than the debridement patients at certain points during the follow-up.Throughout the two years, the patients were unaware of whether they had received real or placebo surgery.

    The Energy Therapy or Emotional Route

    Emotional Freedom Technique and my own What Your Body Wants To Hear technique aim to identify and clear the emotional roots of physical pain and thereby the pain itself.

    On his Emotional Freedom Technique site, Gary Craig has many examples of how E.F.T. has alleviated or completely removed knee pain. In one of his training videos he works with a woman who has torn meniscus in both knees. She had been told that torn meniscus can never heal naturally and yet by the end of the session, she is pain free.


    In another case on the E.F.T. site, a client with severe knee pain explained that he had no cartilage at all in his right knee. After the session, he too, was pain free. He later reported that that evening he had bent down to speak to his daughter then stood back up with no pain whatsoever. He couldn’t remember ever being able to do that before. A follow up two months later revealed he remained pain free.

    A client of mine who has torn meniscus in both knees reported a significant reduction in pain after listening to my What Your Body Wants To Hear, Healing For Your Knees guided meditation. After listening three times, she was pain free!WYBWH Knee Pain CD Cover


    Another client of mine listened to the Healing For Your Knees whilst doing E.F.T. tapping and also got fabulous results. She highly recommended tapping along with my meditation which I also recommend – it super-charges your results.

    So before undergoing, invasive, painful and expensive surgery why not give the “alternative” route a try?  You can learn Emotional Freedom Technique freely from Gary Craig’s website and you can find specific clearing statements along with healing affirmations completely free by using my FREE transcript  Healing Support For Your Knees.

    What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing Support For Your Knees MP3

    What Your Body Wants To Hear Mobile Meditation App.



From The Agony of Neck & Skull Base Pain to a Peaceful Sleep!

From The Agony of Neck & Skull Base Pain to a Peaceful Sleep!

From The Agony of Neck & Skull Base Pain to a Peaceful Sleep!

When Maximum Doses of Pain Medication Couldn’t Touch The Pain, Letting Go of Grief & Trauma Cleared it!

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The following is a genuine letter I received from a lady who’d used my What Your Body Wants To Hear, Release Grief & Trauma guided meditation.  To protect her privacy, I’ll call her Mary.  Once again, it seems to prove that when we let go of painful emotions our body can heal itself without physical manipulation or medication.  Scripts for all my healing guided meditations are freely available for you to read, tap along with or even record for yourself.

Depending on where you are on your healing journey, it might be helpful to work with What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing For Your Heart as well.

With my love, Barbara

For two days over the weekend just gone, I was in agony, I had severe pain in both sides of my neck and at the base of my skull, I thought it was due to a flare up of my fibromyalgia. So I put hot packs on my neck and took the max. dose of painkillers. I began to think I would have to see my chiropractor again!

Anyway like I told you in my last email I’d downloaded your meditations and it was that same night that I was guided to listen to your meditation on Grief & Trauma. I started to play it and as it continued I burst into tears and just kept sobbing….What a release!

I knew I was letting go of the Grief & Trauma that had been building up since my beloved husband passed over two years previous. And the things you mentioned on the meditation I really identified with and I was a little taken aback as I hadn’t realised I was holding onto such beliefs!

Neck Pain Testimonial

And recently I’d left a job where I’d been bullied and was still holding onto a lot of resentment and unforgiveness towards my ex-colleagues and over the last few years many of the jobs I have undertaken, had left me feeling disappointed, hurt and lacking in confidence. So I think some of these emotions were also released!

After the tears I felt as though a weight had lifted from me and a lot of the pain in my neck and at the base of my skull had GONE! And that night I slept soundly which was wonderful as the previous two nights I’d hardly slept due to the agonising pain.

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So THANKS AGAIN Barbara!! I will continue to listen to your Grief & Trauma meditation (& your other meditations).



What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Grief & Trauma Free Transcript

What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Grief & Trauma MP3 Healing Guided Meditation

What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Grief & Trauma  Mobile App.

What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing Support for Your Neck Free Transcript

What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing Support for Your Neck MP3 Healing Guided Meditation

What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing Support for Your Neck Mobile App

What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing For Your Heart Free Transcript

What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing For Your Heart MP3 Guided Meditation

What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing For Your Heart Mobile App


Watch – The Amazing Effect Asking The Right Questions Has On Your Body

Watch – The Amazing Effect Asking The Right Questions Has On Your Body

The Amazing Effect Asking The Right Questions Has On Your Body

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A reader asked me a very interesting question about the What Your Body Wants to Hear process. I thought it may be of interest to others. So here’s our conversation:-

“Hi Barbara,

I found your website which led me here. Your writing on how to Heal Your Relationship with Money really impacted me. One area I don’t quite understand is the “why” questions…Can you share why ask “why”.

Thank you again for such beautiful writing/work!”

“Thank you for getting in touch and for your kind words.

The “Why” questions are a method of bridging from the releasing statements to the positive affirmations. It could otherwise be too large a jump for people to go straight in to really feeling the positive. It is also a way to get around the mind saying “yes but..” to a positive affirmation. There is a very different energy around the “Why” statements, try it for yourself, you will probably feel it. For example if you say “I am abundant” your mind will probably jump to the reasons you are not abundant, “I’ve got this debt/I haven’t got any money” that kind of thing. If on the other hand you say “Why am I so abundant?” the mind tends to go to the things you are abundant in, love, friends, pets, health etc. There is less resistance to the “Why” statements and they help to lead you in to the positive. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your interest. I’d love to hear how you get on and if you feel the difference when you say “Why” statements rather than jump to positive affirmation. Blessings, Barbara”.

“I did feel the difference and this makes perfect sense! Thank you so much! Many Blessings to YOU!”

This powerful video demonstrates just how incredibly powerful asking the right questions is.


Follow Up


A few people tried making a positive affirmation then asking a question and felt the difference in the energy between the two. People who initially thought it would be a negative thing tried it out and realised that far from being negative, it opens us up to the many blessings we actually do have in our lives. It helps us see what is going right for us. In the case of physical healing, it reminds us of all the parts of our bodies which are working beautifully.

Asking the right questions really helps you get more powerful results from your energy work! Transcripts of all my healing guided meditations are freely available on my site and all the What Your Body Wants to Hear meditations contain powerful questions to open your mind and allow positive affirmations to work more powerfully.