Moving Forward Or Looking Back?

Moving Forward Or Looking Back?

Messages From Body & Soul

Deer in the snow

During our walk in the woods today, I stopped as I often do, to sit underneath a shelter built to keep wood dry. It’s dry and peaceful there and I am sheltered if it’s raining. I enjoy the peace of the woods, watch the energy around the trees and the sheep peacefully munching in their field at the foot of Tinto Hill. Sometimes a deer or buzzard cross our path, the little birds flit between the branches and always, the crows busy themselves with some task or another.

As I sat today, watching all this magic and my working collie, Finn, throwing branches around and generally having a blast, I was thinking about an article I have to write for a new and very exciting website.

I am really excited about the article and being part of this new site and a new community of like-minded people. I wasn’t consciously anxious or nervous about it in any way.

Something was obviously going on that I wasn’t aware of, because when I got up to continue our walk, I got a sharp twinge in my left hip. I had no pain when I sat down.

My immediate thought was okay, my hip has something to tell me. I put my hand on the painful area and told it I was listening. I walked very slowly which lessened but didn’t clear the pain. I continued to speak gently and lovingly to my hip, just the way you would talk to a child or animal in pain. I told it I was listening, asked what was up and what it wanted to tell me. I asked it to give me an impression, a symbol or a sign of some kind.

Then my mind kicked in and I thought, okay, hips:- fear of moving forward etc. etc. etc.

So I asked my hip if the pain was about moving forward, writing the article, moving into a new, larger or different community? That wasn’t it.

I walked quietly for a short distance and quietened my mind. All of a sudden I had the impression that it wasn’t about moving forward, it was about leaving behind. Being on the left side of my body, it had to be about leaving a woman or women or something in my inner-life behind. That was it!

I said a few clearing statements from my heart, about leaving people behind with love and gratitude. Knowing that we never truly lose anyone we love, we are all souls who planned to cross each others paths. We will all be reunited one day, for now we can part with love and gratitude. I felt that the message was to move forward on my soul’s life plan path with courage and gratitude.

With that realisation the pain vanished! I had received and acknowledged the message with love and gratitude so the pain had no reason to stick around.

It came to me very strongly that our souls have planned the path we chose for this lifetime. The path has already been mapped out and all we, as humans, have to do, is walk forward with courage and trust. Not always easy, I know!!

This is not to say that we don’t have free-will, we do. I believe we can change our life’s path at any time. But if we love our path and want to follow it, we can gain a lot of strength and courage by remembering we already plotted it out, knowing full well the challenges that would lie along the way.

The main message from my hip (my soul) today was to move forward. It made complete sense because, for many reasons, I’ve been looking backwards far too much recently.

On this occasion I got the message quickly. I am not always so quick on the uptake. There’s a message my body & soul have been trying to get me to understand for around seven years now and I think I am only just now beginning to get it.

There is absolutely no judgement about how long it takes, it might take lifetimes, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we listen to our bodies with an open heart and no judgement.  They really do seem to express what our souls want us to hear and learn.

I hope the message my hip and soul had for me today gives you another perspective on pain. On how our bodies are not our enemies, they are always, always doing the very best they can to support us and to help us learn and grow.


Pain Relief Through Guided Meditation

Pain Relief Through Guided Meditation

Have You Tried To Meditate But Just Can’t Still Your Mind?

meditation mandala

The health benefits of meditation are widely known these days, but almost everyone who has ever tried to meditate will tell you that it can be incredibly hard to quieten your mind chatter. Often the harder we try to still our minds, the more intrusive our thoughts become.

When we are in physical pain stilling the mind can become even more difficult, if not impossible.

This is where guided meditation really comes into its own. Even more so, if the meditation is specifically designed to work with the pain you are experiencing.

Listening, as the narrator takes you on the journey into your deeper-self in a loving, gentle and peaceful manner, helps to occupy your mind and allow you to focus and connect with your own powerful, inner-healer. Based on the same principles as the powerfully healing Emotional Freedom Technique, my What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are designed to do exactly that! They help you connect with your own inner-healer, from where all healing arises.

Another vitally important aspect of these meditations is that they help you realise that you are not your pain. Pain is simply something you are experiencing just now, it is not who you are! These meditations help you recognise this and support you as you move lovingly and gently, back into your own power.

Scripts for all of these meditations are FREELY available on my site. Click here for links. It is my most sincere wish that as many people as possible, access and use them. Whether you read them, tap along with them or record them for your own use, I’d encourage anyone who is in pain, or know someone who is, to make use of them.

A very powerful way to use them is to place your hands on the painful area, imagine Divine/ Angelic/ Universal/God healing love energy flowing through your hands, gently and lovingly soothing the pain. As you do this, many of you will feel heat or tingling coming through your hands, this is completely normal, just enjoy it.

You really can learn to quiet your mind, even if you are in pain, and lovingly direct your own and if you feel drawn to it, a higher power of healing energy, to yourself. You really can learn to connect with your own, wise and powerful inner-healer. This is why spiritual teachers, throughout the ages have told us we can heal and that healing comes from within.

To your health, healing and empowerment.




How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Why Aches & Pains You Thought You’d Healed Reappear At Holiday Time: It’s Not For The Reason You Think!

decorated winter window

The holiday/flu/cold season is almost upon us and it can be a very challenging time!

For many people, it’s happy, fun and busy! For some people it is deeply painful and lonely.

It can also be a time when old aches and pains you thought had healed reappear! You might choose to believe in things like “the flu season” or “seasonal ailments”, although, if you are reading this, you probably know it goes much deeper than that!

Listen To Your Body!

Family, festivities, anniversaries and celebrations create powerful emotional attachments. Memories come to the surface whether we are consciously aware of them or not. Even if you don’t remember, your body does!

Whether they are happy or sad, of love or loss, unresolved emotions around these memories can trigger you big time!

If you are not conscious of them, the chances are, your body will manifest some type of ailment in an effort to bring these unresolved emotional issues to your attention. For example, lower back pain often coincides with anniversaries. These occasions confront us with our own mortality and can bring up deep layers of fear and insecurity about what lies ahead or about our standing in life. Learn more about lower back pain and how to help it heal by clicking here

How Do I Know Which Emotions Have Been Re-triggered?

Listen to your body! If you are not consciously aware of which feeling or emotion has been triggered, the painful area in your body will give you a clue.

Download my free Guide To What Your Everyday Aches & Pains Really Mean to discover which areas tend to hold specific emotional issues. Or click on the image map on my home page to find healing clearings and affirmations which tell you the emotional issues most likely to be causing the pain.

Check Your Beliefs!

Become aware of your words and beliefs!

If you tell everyone “I get three colds every winter.” should you be surprised when your body manifests three colds? Your body hears your words and does its best to follow your instructions. If you say, “I always slip on the ice”, are you surprised when you slip on the ice? Take a good look at your beliefs, thoughts and words.

A Top Tip To Stay Well

If you don’t want to get coughs, colds, sinus infections etc. PLEASE don’t watch ads for cold & flu! You might think I’ve forgotten the word “remedies” at the end of that last sentence, but I didn’t. Remember all these ads are there to make money and constantly reminding you it’s the “flu season” is a sure fire way to bring flu into your consciousness. Whenever you see them, remind yourself that is no longer your reality. Affirm that you are healthy, your immune system is powerful and re-set your intention to remain healthy. Give no energy or attention to the imaginary “flu season”.

I wish everyone a very happy, loving and peaceful Holiday Season.




Listen To 38 Powerful, Peaceful, Healing Affirmations For Your Stomach – Audio

Listen To 38 Powerful, Peaceful, Healing Affirmations For Your Stomach – Audio

Listen To 38 Powerful, Peaceful, Healing Affirmations For Your Stomach

zen garden

If we continually try to swallow down painful emotions, we are very likely to develop stomach problems. If you continually try to swallow down anger for example, should you be surprised to find you’ve developed acidic stomach conditions or even ulcers?  If we have trouble digesting life or worry and fret until we can no longer stomach a situation we are very likely to set our stomach literally churning!  If we feel rejected or feel attacked as though we’ve been punched or kicked in the stomach it’s very likely to cause pain in our stomachs.

Soothe your stomach with the  whole healing programme,  Healing For Your Stomach  as an MP3.  Or find it on our best selling What Your Body Wants To Hear Mobile App.

Listen or tap along, as I lead you through 38 positive affirmations for your stomach.


40 Powerful Affirmations For Your Lower Back – Audio

40 Powerful Affirmations For Your Lower Back – Audio

Listen to 40 Powerful Affirmations For Your Lower Back

Woman standing by the sea

Our lower backs are where we hold financial fears, unresolved childhood anger, feelings of victim-hood, limitation, negativity and fears about our future. If we don’t release these emotional issues, sometimes even surgery can’t help.  Dr. John Sarno MD, a traditionally trained professor of New York University School of Medicine, came to the same conclusion. After many years of treating patients with back pain using standard remedies, he continued to get poor results until he realised that 88% of his patients also had stress-related problems.

Pain pain testimonial

Listen or tap along to these powerful affirmations for your lower back.

Learn how others have used our meditations for their back pain.

Get the full guided meditation as an MP3 or find it on our What Your Body Wants To Hear mobile app.