2023 Don’t Change – Re-Cognise Yourself!

2023 Don’t Change – Re-Cognise Yourself!

2023 Recognise your true essence


I recently came across a box of old family photographs. I’m sure most of us, or our parents, have similar boxes or albums. A pictorial record of your life and exploits.


As I viewed my changing body and circumstances through the years, I noticed something that did not change. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. It wasn’t an expression, mannerism, fashion or a pose. 


The answer came to me as an impression, a feeling a realisation, a re-cognition! 


The verb recognise comes from the Latin root words re (again) and cognoscere (to know) – literally “to know again” or “to identify.” 


It was an inner-essence, a knowing presence. Some might call it soul, spirit, life-force. I don’t think it matters what we call it. It was my true essence or I am presence, beyond the changing body and circumstances of my life. 


We all have that true essence. It’s who we really are. Who we were born to be, whole and complete. 


How many times has someone pointed out something about you that you weren’t aware of?


Others see attributes in us we don’t see in ourselves. The little acts of kindness, compassion and courage we do without thinking, come from our true essence. They bypass our conscious mind and we don’t even notice them. 


In a perfect world everything would be rosy. But we don’t live in a perfect world! From pre-birth to around seven years of age we absorb (and take very personally) input from the people and world around us.


We take on layer upon layer of (mostly inaccurate or misconstrued) messages about ourselves from the outer world. We forget, lose touch with or are educated out of paying attention to our true essence, our inner-world.


By the time we reach adulthood we are weighed down by old survival mechanisms. Other people’s opinions, beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours and painful emotional issues. In later life these usually manifest as weight problems, aches, pains, illness and dis-ease. 


No matter how bruised, battered and bloodied you feel or what life has thrown at you. If you are alive and reading this your true essence is also alive. It may feel dim or weak but it is there! 


As you do the inner-work, clear away the heavy layers of emotional pain, you are nourishing your true essence


As a new year dawns and the outer world insists you are flawed and imperfect unless you lose weight, stop or start doing something, eat, wear or buy something. Make a commitment to yourself. Draw a line in the sand. Wipe the slate clean. Don’t listen to the lies. 


You don’t have to change. You just have to re-cognise – to know yourself again!


If you are ready to re-cognise yourself now, give yourself the gift of a personal healing session. Read (for free) or listen to my Affirmations For Self Love and read (for free) or listen to Affirmations To Heal Your Heart. Make it a daily practice (or as often as you require) to feel your oldest burdens, troubles and pain soften and flow away. 


If, after all that, you still want to lose weight, I can help you there too. I am confident that when you re-cognise and love yourself, your weight loss journey will be an easier, faster and emotionally healthier one. Read (for free) or listen to Affirmations For Emotionally Healthy Weight Loss.


May 2023 be the year your inner-voice compliments you instead of criticising you!


Please feel free to share this message with anyone you feel needs to hear it.


To your health and your beautiful true essence!  Happy New Year!




The Danger Of Living in Fear + Free MP3


Affirmations for fear

Churned out by those who seek to manipulate us for their own ends, the energy of fear is at record levels around the planet. Fear plays havoc with our emotional, mental and physical health!

Fear depletes our immune systems!

The relentless scare stories that we are all plugged into 24 hours a day are doing our immune systems no good at all! Fear depletes our immune systems.

Our bodies respond to the images in our minds!

The mind and body are intrinsically connected. Your body is unable to tell the difference between reality and imagination. So when you focus on your fears it creates as much havoc with your hormones, body chemistry and energy field as it would if you were facing a dangerous situation in real life.

Stress knocks our bodies off balance and triggers a cascade of stress hormones which influence your body via the autonomic nervous system. When our bodies are in flight, fight or freeze mode they have less energy available to maintain our immune systems and to heal and repair. It stands to reason then that chronic stress can easily lead to poor health and illness.

Your thoughts create an instant reaction in your body. Emotional stress alerts the body to produce stress chemicals such as cortisol, which—if produced on an ongoing basis—begin to break down the immune, gastrointestinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems.

More than ever we have to find a way to consciously relieve our stress levels every day!

For these reasons my Release, Heal & Transform Fear guided meditation is my free gift to you (both as an MP3 and on our mobile app. Links below.).

Read the calming and empowering experiences others have had with this meditation.

To the banishment of fear!

With love,


Download Release & Transform Fear Meditation MP3. Absolutely FREE

free mp3 affirmations for fear

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Release, Heal & Transform Special Value Package

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healing affirmations for grief & trauma
healing affirmations for neck pain/injury
healing affirmations for grief & trauma
healing affirmations for hip pain/injury
affirmations for ankle pain and injury
affirmations for neck pain
healing affirmations for weight loss
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5 Quick Affirmations For Christmas 

5 Quick Affirmations For Christmas 

5 Quick Affirmations For Christmas 

Affirmations For Christmas

As 2022 draws to an end, Christmas and other mid-winter celebrations come into view. There is much to ponder. 

Given the relentless onslaught of the last two years, many of us crawled into 2022 carrying shock, trauma, grief, heaviness and disbelief. Whether we have consciously processed it or not, 2022 has been another year of more pressure, more stress, more physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. 

Some of us may be facing the first Christmas without a loved one.. Others will be welcoming their first Christmas as new parents or newly weds. 

Regardless of the specifics, this is a season of contrasts. A season of great joy and of utter desolation. 

Surprisingly, whether you are lost in bustle and excitement or desolation and dread, there is a “one size fits all”, appropriate sentiment – compassion. 

Firstly, compassion for yourself. No matter your circumstances, every human being deserves the healing salve of kindness. 

Take a breath, turn inwards. Remind yourself who you are, what you have endured and what you have overcome! 


                    5 Quick Affirmations For Christmas  

                     I create a breathing space for myself! **

                     Despite it all, I’m still standing.

                     I am worthy of loving compassion

                    I think and speak kindly to & about myself.

                    I deserve love and understanding.


And, because I know you deserve to give yourself a few more seconds of care and compassion.

Ten more….  

I look after myself!**

I can do it!**

I choose to have faith in myself.

I am released from the constriction of any responsibilities that are not mine! *

I have a beautiful, strong connection with the love within me! *

I am understanding and compassionate to myself and others. 

It is safe to let go of everything that no longer serves me!**

I choose ease!** 

I choose healing!**

                     I choose peace!**                       


I am so grateful to one of my loving subscribers who reminded me recently that even in the darkest night, we are not alone.

I wish you a peaceful, loving and compassionate Christmas.



* From our Affirmations To Heal Your Heart meditation.

** From our Healing Affirmations For Grief & Loss meditation.

10 Metaphysical Aspects of Hip Pain

10 Metaphysical Aspects of Hip Pain

Metaphysical Aspects Of Hip Pain

Hip pain/stiffness is a physical representation of deep, primal fear. 

If you suffer from hip pain you know what a grind it can be. Grinding pain or stiffness curtails mobility and prevents you doing the things you love. Whilst you might not want to do headstands, you want to be able to move forward, both metaphorically and physically, in a pain free, confident way. To do that, you first have to understand what is causing your body to respond the way it is.

Life has always been an uncertain business. The rapid changes of recent years would be incomprehensible to previous generations. Unfortunately, however much we consciously embrace change, emotional responses and biology simply don’t evolve that fast! Consequently, we shouldn’t be surprised when our bodies react in what, to our conscious mind, seem like odd, sometimes painful and usually inconvenient ways.

Our bodies show us our inner emotional landscape the only way they can, by manifesting a physical representation of that inner dis-ease. The area affected, correlates with the area of your life about which you are concerned. In the case of your hips, it all revolves around  fear and uncertainty. Safety and security are vital, deep, primal survival instincts. When we worry about them, we can literally worry ourselves to a stand still. Our hip and pelvic area seize up making movement hard or impossible.



Fear of making major decisions.

  Lack of physical and emotional support.

 Not wanting to accept present experiences.

 Fear of going forward.

 Worry about major decisions.

 Belief that we have nothing good to look forward to.

 Fear of where we are going.

 Fear of change.

Inability to let go of the past.

 Feeling unable to stand on our own.


Read more about how people healed their emotional issues and eased (or completely cleared) their hip pain!

The Emotions Beneath Your Pain

The Emotions Beneath Your Pain

the emotions beneath your pain


No matter how deeply we try to bury, deny, or ignore them, the scared, hurt and otherwise wounded parts of ourselves live on. Until we heal them, they’ll continue to affect every area of our lives and our health!

Your body is wise. It’s no coincidence that it manifested pain, discomfort or injury exactly the way it has!

Tap the area your body has manifested it’s dis-ease in on the image below to discover the emotional issues behind it and the health and lifestyle messages they hold. When you know what they are you can begin to heal them!



The Emotions Beneath Your Pain

Image of body with pain points
Headache & Migraine Heart Breasts Upper Back Pain Skin Conditions Stomach Problems Mid Back Pain Lower Back Pain Hip Pain & Stiffness Ankle Pain & Injury Neck Pain & Stiffness Knee Pain & Injury

Headache & Migraine

Headache & Migraine are your body’s way of telling you you are going too fast, doing too much and overloading your circuits. You need to take some time out, relax and ease the pressure! Details of our Affirmations For Headache & Migraine Relief meditation.


Our heart and blood stream correspond to our relationship with love. As blood gives us life, so love gives our lives meaning and direction. The more we open our hearts to love, for ourselves and others, the more expansive our lives become. If we close down to love, our hearts can harden and blood circulation constrict. As with all of these things, this works on a physical as well as an
emotional level. An open, loving heart is vital to our physical and emotional well-being. Details of our Affirmations To Heal Your Heart meditation.


Lack of self-care, putting others needs before your our own and repressing our feelings, taking on other people's problems as if they were our own all contribute to an overall lack of self-care and self - esteem. Sadness, regret, holding on to past hurts, not knowing how to say no, feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of motherhood can all lead to feelings of disempowerment, victimhood and feeling as though we have no control of our own lives. Feeling unfulfilled by life and finding it difficult if not impossible to ask for help all can all contribute to breast conditions. Self-love really is the key to breast health. Details of our Affirmations For Breast Health meditation.

Upper Back Pain

The upper back represents the reverse side of the heart; this is where we find fear, irritation, anger,
resentment and frustration. Many physical issues can arise based upon the emotional health of your spine. Since the spine literally supports your whole body, pain and imbalance in the spinal column often reflects feelings of non support and lack of love. Details of our Affirmations For Upper Back Pain Meditation.

Skin Conditions

The skin represents our physical and emotional boundaries! If our emotional and energetic boundaries are not healthy it will be reflected in the condition of our skin. If you are irritated or if someone is “getting under your skin” should you be surprised that your skin becomes itchy or inflamed, angry and red? If we feel we are under attack, (even if we strive to show a polished veneer to the outer world) sooner or later our skin will come to our defence in the only way it knows how, by manifesting physical evidence. Details of our Affirmations To Soothe Your Skin meditation.

Stomach Problems

Our stomachs are often where we store feelings of fear and anxiety. Digestion symbolises the ability to absorb what we need and let go of what we don’t need. Do you know what is good for you? Do you have a tendency to be influenced by things that are not good for you? When we harbour worry our digestive enzymes churn away until we can no longer stomach what is happening. Our relationship with food is intimately connected with how emotionally loved or
nourished we feel and our stomachs deal with all these conflicting emotions for us. What emotions are you harbouring in your stomach? What painful emotions are you trying to swallow down? Details of our Affirmations To Soothe Your Stomach meditation.

Mid Back Pain

The middle area of your back holds the balance in the centre of the body; therefore it is connected
to decision-making. Resentment can also be found in the middle back. Pain in the mid-back is
associated to deficiency in the stomach liver, gallbladder, adrenal glands, and reproductive organs.
The saying “I bent over backwards to help” relates to the middle back. Details of our Affirmations For Mid-Back Pain meditation.

Lower Back Pain

The lower back is often where we store feelings of being unsupported, the weight of responsibility.
Issues with the lower back are connected to the large intestine, immune system, bladder, and
kidneys. Childhood trauma that has not been dealt with often manifests in lower back problems.
Issues of security, isolation, survival and self-support are often stored in the lower back. Details of our Affirmations For Lower Back Pain meditation.

Hip Pain & Stiffness

Fear of moving forward, feeling useless or fearing for our survival causes us to hold on tightly to what we have often to the point that we become immobile. Are you carrying too much weight for others, holding it as a mother carries a child on her hip? You may even be carrying your own mother in your hips. Is it hard for you to put her down and stand on your own? Hip pain often tells us that we're holding on to a lot of deep fear, root chakra, primal fear. Details of our Affirmations For Hip Pain & Stiffness meditation.

Ankle Pain & Injury

These thin little parts of our body support our entire weight. If an ankle slips, our whole body falls to the ground. Support is the key here as the ankles reflect the support we depend on not just from others but from our inner support system. This inner system consists of psychological and
emotional beliefs that give our lives meaning and purpose. If any of this is taken away, doubted or questioned there is nothing to hold us upright. This can happen when we experience shock or
trauma or when we feel rejected, betrayed and unable to stand alone. Details of our Affirmations For Ankle Pain & Injury meditation.

Neck Pain & Stiffness

The neck acts as a bridge between our heads and bodies, between the intellectual mind and the loving heart. Many of us have more energy in our heads, we can spend hours talking or thinking and this often comes at the expense of feeling or hearing our hearts and bodies. This can create tension or rigidity in our necks. If the head and the heart can communicate with each other and respect each other they may not feel so throttled or denied. Details of our Affirmations For Neck Pain  meditation.

Knee Pain & Injury

We need our knees to be flexible so we can move with grace and ease, to dance, run and climb
stairs! Pride and inflexibility put a strain on our knees. If our knees give way too quickly, knocking or trembling with fear or an inability to stand up for ourselves, we need to work on our self-esteem and insecurity issues come to believe in ourselves and claim our place in the world. Details of our Affirmations For Knee Pain & Injury meditation.

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