Boost Your Immune System With E.F.T.

Boost Your Immune System With E.F.T.

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Our immune systems are designed to recognise and eliminate viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders. For the most part they do an amazing job!  However, our immune systems can become less effective when we are under pressure, feel like giving up, are pushing too hard, feel insecure, threatened or manipulated. If you are feeling under the weather, check to see if you are feeling any of those emotions. That will give you ideas for what to tap on. But you can start boosting your immune system right now by tapping on the following the suggestions.

If you are not familiar with E.F.T. Just follow the tapping points illustrated here.

EFT Tapping Points Illustration(For more instructions about tapping  points, pop over to my article about using E.F.T. to ease cold and flu symptoms.)

If you have symptoms of illness, pain or discomfort, use those in your set up statement as you tap on your Karate Point. For example, “Even though I have this cold, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself”. Repeat this three times then tap the Eyebrow Point gently, around ten times, saying “I have this cold”. Move to the Side Of Eye point and repeat, “I have this cold”. Repeat this at all the tapping points finishing off with the Top of Your Head point.

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If you don’t have any symptoms but want to give your immune system a boost try tapping a few rounds saying these, or similar statements:- “I know my immune system is doing the most amazing job and I deeply and completely love, accept and thank my immune system”.  “My immune system is fabulous, it knows exactly what it is doing and it keeps me healthy and well. I deeply and completely love and thank my immune system”. “My immune system is powerful, wise and strong. I am grateful to my fantastic immune system and I deeply and completely love, accept and thank my wonderful immune system for keeping me safe and healthy”. “My immune system is doing the most fantastic job protecting me from all those viruses and bacteria and I deeply and completely love, accept and thank my amazing immune system, thank you, immune system, for everything you do for me”.



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