Release Fear Guided Meditation – Free Download

Release Fear Guided Meditation – Free Download

Reclaim Your Inner Peace

Free Guided Meditation To Release Fear

What Your Body Wants To Hear Free Release Fear Meditation

Allow all fear and worry to gently drift out of your body. Release negative emotions, allow love, compassion and gentleness to arise and choose to dwell in peace, appreciation and freedom. If any pain still remains in your body after you’ve let go of fear, check out our guided meditations for all areas of your body









How This One Simple Question Supercharges Your Affirmations

How This One Simple Question Supercharges Your Affirmations

How This One Simple Question Supercharges Your Affirmations

What Your Body Wants To Hear Meditations Supercharge Your Affirmations

A reader asked me a very interesting question about the What Your Body Wants to Hear meditations. I thought it may be of interest to others. So here’s our conversation:-

“Hi Barbara,

I found your website which led me here. Your writing on how to Heal Your Relationship with Money really impacted me. One area I don’t quite understand is the “why” questions…Can you share why ask “why”.

Thank you again for such beautiful writing/work!”

“Thank you for getting in touch and for your kind words.

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The “Why” questions are a method of bridging from the releasing statements to the positive affirmations. It could otherwise be too large a jump for people to go straight in to really feeling the positive. It is also a way to get around the mind saying “yes but..” to a positive affirmation. There is a very different energy around the “Why” statements, try it for yourself, you will probably feel it. For example if you say “I am abundant” your mind will probably jump to the reasons you are not abundant, “I’ve got this debt/I haven’t got any money” that kind of thing. If on the other hand you say “Why am I so abundant?” the mind tends to go to the things you are abundant in, love, friends, pets, health etc. There is less resistance to the “Why” statements and they help to lead you in to the positive. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your interest. I’d love to hear how you get on and if you feel the difference when you say “Why” statements rather than jump to positive affirmation. Blessings, Barbara”.

“I did feel the difference and this makes perfect sense! Thank you so much! Many Blessings to YOU!”

This powerful video demonstrates just how incredibly powerful asking the right questions is.


A few people tried making a positive affirmation then asking a question and felt the difference in the energy between the two. People who initially thought it would be a negative thing tried it out and realised that far from being negative, it opens us up to the many blessings we actually do have in our lives. It helps us see what is going right for us. In the case of physical healing, it reminds us of all the parts of our bodies which are working beautifully.

Asking the right questions really helps you get more powerful results from your energy work! Transcripts of all my healing guided meditations are freely available on my site and all the What Your Body Wants to Hear meditations contain powerful questions to open your mind and allow positive affirmations to work more powerfully.



Invoke The Power of Negative Thinking

Invoke The Power of Negative Thinking

Invoke The Power of Negative Thinking

the secret of negative thinking

“As an antidote to terminal optimism, I have recommended the power of negative thinking. Tongue in cheek of course”. Dr Gabor Maté .

“Optimism is a far more powerful state than trying to be “positive” because it comes from a deeper place of self-love”. Anita Moorjani

Books espousing the power of positive thinking fill the Self-Help sections of book shops everywhere and yet people still feel bad about themselves and still manifest illnesses that indicate a lack of self-love and self-esteem.

So how can this be?

I agree with Dr Maté when he says “As soon as we qualify the word thinking with the adjective positive we exclude those parts of reality that strike us as negative”. And with Anita Moorjani when she says “We can’t control having negative thoughts, so trying to push them away doesn’t make them disappear; at most, this just buries them temporarily”.

Genuine positive thinking must include all of our reality, we must be able to trust ourselves to face the complete truth. In order to heal, we must have the courage to think negatively. Not in a miserable, pessimistic way, rather in a spirit of openness, a willingness to look at what is out of balance, what is not working, where we are carrying old emotional wounds, what have we ignored and what our body is telling us!

If we don’t ask these questions, the emotional wounds and stresses remain hidden. Not only that, but forcing ourselves to think only positive thoughts creates more stress and self-judgement.

Many people have asked me if the releasing and clearing statements in our What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are going to bring them more of what they don’t want. Such has been the power of law of attraction teachings that people are scared to hear or say certain words! As the root of many illnesses is stress and fear, being afraid to even think certain words can’t be healthy.

One study found that breast cancer patients with a propensity to engage in pleasant daydreams had a poorer prognosis than their more reality-based counterparts. So did women who reported fewer negative feelings. *

One way or another, most of us have been taught to suppress our true feelings. That teaching has gone so deep that we often don’t know what our true feelings are. As an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner of almost twenty years, I absolutely believe there is a world of difference between gently acknowledging a painful negative emotion with love and the intention to heal it and talking about the pain, joining a group to talk about the pain and generally dwelling in it.

This seems to be corroborated by the amazing results people report when they use the clearing and releasing statements to lovingly name and acknowledge painful emotions before gently moving on to release them.

You CAN heal. You CAN change your thoughts but please be kind and gentle with yourself, you are just learning to turn your negative thoughts and words into positive ones. Don’t be afraid if a negative thought crosses your mind or a negative word passes your lips. The fear will give it more power and anchor it in to reality. Just be aware of it and let it pass. Remind yourself that kind of thinking is your old habit, you are now creating new habits.

And lastly, if part of you is ill or in dis-ease. Don’t get angry or blame it, treat it with gentleness and love as you would a sick child or puppy.

To your health and healing,



* Mogens R Jensen, “Psychobiological Factors Predicting the Course of Breast Cancer”, Journal of Personality 55, no.2 (June 1987), 337.

The Unseen Dynamics of Social Eating

The Unseen Dynamics of Social Eating

The Unseen Dynamics of Social Eating

(And How You CAN change them!)

Unseen dynamics of Social Eating

“By changing her inner-world, energy and attitude and without saying a word, my client’s inner changes changed the dynamics of the evening.”

When I first started as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner I specialised in weight issues, both on a one to one basis and running groups.

I have written before about some of the fascinating reasons people don’t lose weight until their emotional issues are discovered and dealt with. What Was Going On In Your Life The Last Time You Were at Your Ideal Weight?

Today I want to write about the unseen dynamics that go on around social eating. Eating together is one of the most enjoyable, bonding, sharing experiences we can have but if you have emotional issues around over-eating, it can be very challenging.

If you approach social eating without having addressed your underlying emotional issues, you are going to struggle – to say the least.

One mother of two young children I spoke with (but didn’t work with!) explained that she had signed up for a very expensive meal delivery service. This service sent her calorie controlled meals every day. She didn’t have to think about what to buy or cook and she didn’t have to count the calories, so far so good. However, in order to resist the temptation of picking from her kid’s plates, she ate alone in the kitchen while her family ate together at the dining table. In order to resist temptation, she completely isolated herself and missed precious family time with her husband and children. Going out for a romantic dinner with her husband was out of the question as was having a girls night out with her friends.

I think you can see where this is going and can probably guess how long that kind of self-denial would last.

Having spent a lot of money on this ‘weight loss’ system and using will-power alone, she was pretty miserable. There was absolutely nothing positive to aim for and her unresolved, subconscious emotional drivers would probably ensure she wasn’t going to be able to sustain this lonely regime for very long.

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, I worked with a lady who’s results astounded me.

We worked one to one, addressing the roots of her emotional eating with E.F.T. and she confided in me that she was worried that changing her outlook and attitude towards food might ruin a special friendship she had. She and a girlfriend had a regular girls night date where they ordered Chinese food, chatted and laughed and really enjoyed themselves. After dinner, her friend’s daughter would bring home snacks which they would all enjoy together. These evenings were really special to her and she didn’t want to lose them.

To be completely honest, at the time I didn’t know how the work we did together would affect these special evenings. I was thrilled and amazed when she told me what had happened the first ‘girls night’ after our sessions.

The evening started out as normal, chatting, laughing and having a good time. Controlling how much she ate wasn’t even on her mind, she was up for a good, fun night. What she hadn’t explained to me before, was that they always went back for second helpings and ate the food until it was gone! After that, they’d get stuck into the snacks the friend’s daughter brought over.

On this night, however, she didn’t go back for second helpings nor was she drawn to eat any of the snacks, she just felt happily full. She wasn’t using will-power, she hadn’t even consciously thought of how much she was or was not eating, she just felt full. This I would have expected, but I didn’t expect the next part! Her friend (who didn’t even know about our E.F.T. sessions and certainly hadn’t done any!) didn’t go back for second helpings either, nor did she eat as many of the snacks her daughter brought over.

By changing her inner-world, energy and attitude and without saying a word, my client’s inner changes changed the dynamics of the evening.

Whatever emotional drivers and dynamics had been at play had changed and this change affected everyone. It didn’t happen on a conscious level but on the much more powerful energetic level and best of all, none of it involved self-denial, self-discipline or will-power!

This really goes to the root of this work, we don’t want to be miserable, micro manage ourselves, struggle with will-power and expensive weight loss solutions. We want to effect change on a deep, subconscious level, by healing the emotional drivers behind the behaviour. We want this to be easy, natural and organic and most importantly we still want to be able to enjoy spending time with our loved ones, eating together and having fun!

Learn more about the true keys to permanent, healthy weight loss.

“It has never been about food, it has always, always been about healing painful emotions.”



EFT Eases Prickly Heat…

EFT Eases Prickly Heat…

EFT Eases Prickly Heat Rash Quickly, Painlessly & Drug Free

EFT Eases Prickly Heat Rash

A couple of days ago, I had a lovely opportunity to share the power of Emotional Freedom Technique with one of our Facebook Group members. He’d had a terrible heat rash the night before, spent the night in front of a fan with ice, antihistamines and hydrocortisone waiting for something to help. Just as the sun was coming up the itch finally started to abate. He felt dreadful as he felt he’d taken way too many antihistamines and had to cancel his beach plans with his friends. He also felt his Hay Fever was starting to kick in.
Whilst we didn’t have time for a full-blown E.F.T. Session, I asked if he’d like me to help him to try to take the edge off the remaining redness and irritation. This is what I call a kind of fire-fighting session where we don’t go deeply into all the emotional issues which are contributing to the issue, we deal with the symptoms as they present themselves in the present moment and how the person feels about having them.
I didn’t have a watch or clock so I don’t know how long it took but in just a few rounds of E.F.T. his skin irritation had completely gone! I could hear his voice and breathing had changed and he told me he felt so much more relaxed. I was delighted and he was astonished!
My E.F.T. teacher, Catherine O’Driscoll tells a story of when she first learned E.F.T. She was living in a gorgeous, huge house with very grand, impressive gardens, the only problem was, she suffered horribly from Hay Fever. She set out on her big sit-on lawn mower to cut the grass one day and her Hay Fever kicked in. She had only just received Gary Craig’s educational E.F.T. videos but decided to watch one and try E.F.T. for her Hay Fever. Later that day, she cut her grass with no sign of any Hay Fever!
I also worked with the lovely Zane Baker of Valhalla Mind on his life-long, very serious allergies. He had had allergy tests and taken all kinds of medication but his allergies affected his life really badly, even preventing him from working. You can see Zane’s story of how E.F.T. freed him from chronic breathing difficulties in this little video. 
Such is the power of E.F.T.!
If you or a loved on suffer from allergies of any kind, I highly recommend you give E.F.T. a try. If you are already a “tapper” you might want to tap along with our Soothe Your Skin transcript or get the Soothe Your Skin Meditation as an MP3 or on our What Your Body Wants To Hear app.


A lovely update this morning. 🙂 “I’ve woken up feeling much lighter and my skin feels fine. I tried using tapping last night for my hayfever too and I’m not so stuffy this morning!”

If you would like to discuss how E.F.T. might help you or a loved one with allergies, use the drop down menu to book yourself a FREE Half Hour Skype Consultation with me.
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