7 Free Ways to Combat Stress

7 Free Ways to Combat Stress

(Why It’s Vital To Your Health To Ease Your Stress)

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Stress depletes our immune systems!

Our bodies respond to the images in our minds!

The mind and body are intrinsically connected. Your body is unable to tell the difference between reality and imagination. As a result, when you focus on your fears it creates as much havoc with your hormones, body chemistry and energy field as it would if you were facing a dangerous situation in real life.

Stress knocks our bodies off balance and triggers a cascade of stress hormones which influence your body via the autonomic nervous system. When our bodies are in flight, fight or freeze mode they have less energy available to maintain our immune systems and to heal and repair. It stands to reason then that chronic stress can easily lead to poor health and illness.

Your thoughts create an instant reaction in your body. Emotional stress alerts the body to produce stress chemicals such as cortisol, which—if produced on an ongoing basis—begin to break down the immune, gastrointestinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems.

More than ever we have to find a way to consciously relieve our stress levels every day!

Don’t get trapped in fear!

Do whatever it takes to move your attention to something you can feel loving and grateful towards.  Pets are an  ideal source of unconditional love.  If you don’t have a pet, watching animal videos can also be a great distraction. My free Release, Heal & Transform Fear meditation can also help you step out of fear.

Choose where to put your Attention

Focus on something uplifting as often as you can throughout the day. Nature is a great nurturer. No matter how far from nature we seem to have come, as human beings, our roots are in nature and nature is a great healer. So even if all you can see of nature is the sky or a house plant, try to focus and connect with nature in some way.

Boost your immune system!

Your immune system is what is going to get you through this crisis. It has protected you since the day you were born and you want it to be healthy when you venture back out into the world.  Boost your immune system with loving, grateful and positive thoughts and messages. Visualize your immune system healthy, vibrant and sparkling with light. Set a powerful intention to send love and gratitude to your immune system then use these Top Ten Free Affirmations to Boost Your Immune System

Acknowledge the grief. 

Many people are also dealing with grief at the moment. Some people have suffered horrendous personal loss. Even if we haven’t suffered personally, we are all grieving the loss of a way of life.  This grief is perfectly valid and most of us will go through the recognised phases of grief. You can ease and perhaps even speed up getting through this grief by dealing with it consciously rather than trying to ignore or suppress it.  Our Free Affirmations for Grief & Trauma (Recommended as one of the best in grief affirmations by ObitTree) may help you do this.


It can be hard if not impossible to completely quiet and still your mind at the moment. This is where guided meditation really helps. It is not asking your mind to be still, simply to follow along as you are guided through letting go of painful or fearful thoughts and replacing them with peaceful, loving, healthy and empowering ones.  Over 21K meditators have enjoyed my free Release, Heal & Transform Fear meditation and left some really lovely reviews. Learn more and download  the MP3 free.


One thing you can do is disconnect from all sources of ‘news’ at least for a short time during the day.  Make sure you don’t leave the news on in the background. Even though you might not be consciously aware of it, those fear-filled messages are getting through to your subconscious mind!


Reading, speaking aloud or using energy therapies with affirmations can be a great way to step out of stress and anxiety.  I have literally thousands of free affirmations for physical pain, finances, self- love, grief, stress and anxiety here on my site. Probably the most useful (apart from the meditations for physical pain which can be found at the above link or through the search facility) at the moment are:-

Affirmations to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Release, Heal & Transform Fear

Healing Affirmations for Grief & Trauma

To your health, well-being and healing,





Why Positive Affirmations Can Feel So Uncomfortable

Why Positive Affirmations Can Feel So Uncomfortable

Why Positive Affirmations Can Feel So Uncomfortable

when positive affirmations are uncomfortable

The simple answer is that your body knows when you tell a lie!

On some level that always feels uncomfortable because it sets up a conflict. If you state “I am healthy” or “I am wealthy” when you don’t believe that to be true your mind will immediately jump in with a “but” and your body will react.  While you might get away with it if your opposing beliefs are not too far apart, you will definitely feel uncomfortable if there is a huge gulf between them.  

This is exactly why all the What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are constructed with “Why” questions or Afformations between the releasing statements and the positive affirmations (it is also why this site is called Beyond Affirmations). I will never jump straight into positive affirmations – it’s a jump too far for most people.

There is a Very Different Energy Between A Positive Affirmation and An Afformation

People who tried stating a positive affirmation then a “Why” question or Afformation out loud and who had initially thought it would be a negative thing soon realised that far from being negative, it opens us up to the many blessings we actually do have in our lives. It helps us see what is going right for us. In the case of physical healing, it reminds us of all the parts of our bodies which are working beautifully.

In the What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations the “Why” questions are a method of bridging from the releasing statements to the positive affirmations. It could otherwise be too large a jump for people to go straight in to really feeling the positive. It is also a way to get around the mind saying “yes but..” to a positive affirmation. There is a very different energy around the “Why” statements. Try it for yourself, you will feel it. For example if you say “I am abundant” your mind will probably jump to the reasons you are not abundant, “I’ve got this debt/I haven’t got any money” that kind of thing. If on the other hand you say “Why am I so abundant?” the mind tends to go to the things you are abundant in, love, friends, pets, health etc. There is less resistance to the “Why” statements and they help to lead you in to the positive.


If you don’t believe me, watch the brief but very powerful video below!


Discover Our What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations.

What Your Body Wants To Hear Meditation Series



Why Lower Back Pain Often Coincides With Anniversaries.

Lower back pain affirmations

Lower back pain often coincides with anniversaries, birthdays, retirement or even children leaving home.

If you suffer from lower back pain, think back to when it began. What was going on in your life at the time? The Lower Back carries feelings of being unsupported financially and/or emotionally. It is also where we hold feelings of wanting to “back out” of relationships or situations.

Lower back pain often coincides with anniversaries, birthdays, retirement or even children leaving home. These occasions confront us with our own mortality and can bring up deep layers of fear and insecurity about what lies ahead or about our standing in life. The lower back is often where we store feelings of being unsupported, of the weight of responsibility. Issues of security, isolation, survival and self-support are often stored in the lower back.

Our lower backs are where we hold financial fears, unresolved childhood anger, feelings of victim-hood, limitation, negativity and fears about our future. If we don’t release these emotional issues, sometimes even surgery can’t help. Dr. John Sarno MD, a traditionally trained professor of New York University School of Medicine, came to the same conclusion. After many years of treating patients with back pain using standard remedies, he continued to get poor results until he realised that 88% of his patients also had stress-related problems.

When you look at the emotional issues connected with the lower back, the fact that events such as anniversaries, birthdays, retirement or children leaving home can trigger it makes perfect sense.

Our What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations help you heal and clear out the old painful emotions which are being triggered, gently quieten your inner-critic.  Relax and reduce, ease or even clear physical pain. The attitude of loving kindness and gratitude you are guided to feel towards your body can only enhance any other healing methods you are using.

We receive many reports of how much our meditations have helped ease back pain and many of them are on this site. Five of these remarkable stories are covered in Courageous Journeys Through Back Pain

In A Courageous Journey Through Back Pain In The African Bush! Leslie narrates her amazing story in her own voice.



What Your Body Wants To Hear Low Back Pain cd cover
What Your Body Wants To Hear 3 part Full Back


What Your Body Wants To Hear Mobile Meditation App.
Affirmations For Your Lower Back



Courageous Journeys Through Knee Pain & Injury

Courageous Journeys Through Knee Pain & Injury

Courageous Journeys Through Knee Pain & Injury

affirmations for knee pain

Six remarkable stories of drug-free, intrusion-free, gentle relief from different types of knee pain & injury.

This article is dedicated with love, gratitude and respect to all my wonderful, courageous clients. Thank you for your courage and for sharing your warrior’s journey.

I  have torn meniscus in both knees but I no longer have knee pain! I listened to the Support the knees 3 times and I no longer have knee pain! In fact there was a significant difference after the first listen. I have torn meniscus in both knees and don’t want to have the surgery. I still don’t want the pain. It’s pretty amazing however. Ms. F.L.

It has helped my knees immensely. I bought your body wants to hear, support your knees, and surprisingly for me, it has helped my knees immensely, making most of the pain go away. I try to listen to it everyday. Because of a bad accident, my left knee hurt either a little or a lot every day. Since listening to your affirmations, it either hasn’t hurt or it hurts just a little. SO thank you very much. ~ Mr T.

Your meditation worked really fast! I want to say thanks again for making the knee meditation. I really have done a lot of different treatments, and I have Western treatment on it, and your meditation worked really fast! I had read some of the testimonials, and I was scared that although one person said it worked within three listens, and the others were positive, I was scared it wouldn’t have the same affect on me. But I was very happy and surprised that it did. T.

Partial knee replacements in 2014. I was introduced to your affirmations by a crystal healer on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2016. They have truly been life saving. I now use them in combination with reiki energy for my husband. He had partial knee replacements in 2014 and was still suffering with daily swelling. After a few weeks of your meditations – the swelling went away, rarely comes back!!! Ms V.M.P.

My knee pain, of 6 months or more which I had put down to a torn cartilage, cleared up during very first listening to your knee mp3. Very impressive! You know, I’ve often tried affirmations for different things in the past but nothing worked til I tried your one. The great thing about using them for something physical, as opposed to purely emotional, is that it gives you something tangible to measure the results against. Am using your mp3 for the Neck at the moment, and it seems to be dragging up buried emotion. The optimist in me says that’s a good sign!” Graham Weeks.

Your audio came along at just the right time. Your audio for knees has helped immensely during a particularly difficult time of upheaval I’ve been experiencing recently requiring major change, letting go & adjustment in my life. With a background childhood knee injury, followed by continued flare ups during my life I came to realise and understand the emotional causes of knee pain. Your audio came along at just the right time. ~ Kathy Baker



What Your Body Wants To Hear Knee Pain
What Your Body Wants To Hear Hips Knees & Ankles Pack


Free Affirmations For Knee Pain Relief

Courageous Journeys Through Back Pain

Courageous Journeys Through Back Pain

Courageous Journeys Through Back Pain

Five remarkable stories of drug-free, intrusion-free, gentle relief from different types of back pain.

Affirmations for Back Pain

This article is dedicated with love, gratitude and respect to all my wonderful, courageous clients. Thank you for your courage and for sharing your warrior’s journey.

I have gone from dragging myself across the floor every morning in complete agony and dosing myself up on painkillers, to being able to walk completely unaided and pain free and drug free. My family and friends have always known me to have a bad back. The condition has affected me since childhood. But over the last few months it became progressively worse until I was unable to walk unaided. Each morning I would crawl on my hands and knees to the living room, where I would lie on the floor waiting for strong prescribed pain medication to take effect. The medication always makes me drowsy and unable to drive or work as well as I would like to. One morning, while lying on the floor, I knew the situation urgently had to change and I needed to find an alternative solution. This is when I discovered Barbara Clark’s back healing meditation. Barbara’s voice is beyond being soothing and gentle. When she speaks it feels like being deeply comforted and her voice feels like warm blankets of energy wrapping me up and shielding me from pain. I can honestly say that the results of Barbara’s meditation are quite simply astounding. I have gone from dragging myself across the floor every morning in complete agony and dosing myself up on painkillers, to being able to walk completely unaided and pain free and drug free. I highly recommend Barbara’s meditations. Thank you so much Barbara.” Steve Wentworth

“I have had back pain most of my life. I literally felt the pain leave my back and become transformed to love and light and forgiveness.thank you thank you thank you!” Russele Snow

My back pain is gone. After suffering from upper back pain for the last 4 weeks I purchased the Full Back set of recordings. After listening to the Upper Back recording my back pain is gone, would recommend this set to anyone suffering from back problems. Thanks to Barbara and all her hard work in putting these recordings together, I would say well worth the effort.” K. Russel.

I felt about 60-70 percent better!! My goodness!  I must say I have experienced great improvement already from your wonderful recordings!  Your voice is so soothing, as is the music, and each time, I definitely reach what I call “zero point”== a VERY relaxed and deeply rejuvenating place!  And I am happy to report that every time I get up afterward, there is definite improvement in the pain and stiffness in my back!!  I must say that I was at quite a low point last night, after two weeks of attempting to help myself feel better, seeing energy healers here in Hout Bay, South Africa, and resting and praying, and doing my own brand of energy work (MAP, Reiki, visualizations), and STILL in pain — actually it had gotten much worse again.  It was SUCH a gift to get the recordings and be able to listen to them last night (and twice today)!  Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend, you know?

I slept so well, and this morning, I felt about 60-70 percent better!!  I am also impressed with your deep insight into what can be held in our back– so many of the statements resonated so strongly with me!  I could feel my root chakra opening and the energy moving powerfully as I released those many, many emotions and beliefs– and I will continue to do so.
Well, thank you again for all you BE and all you share!  Please feel free to use any or all of the above in a testimonial in any way you choose!
Much gratitude and love,
Hello Barbara,
“I can move without pain. Today suddenly I had back pain and I found you. Thank you again and again, my back is a bit better and I can move without pain. Warmest regards, Nalini.

Free Affirmations for Back Pain

Lower Back

Mid Back

Upper Back

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