Free Healing The Heart Of The Empath E-book

Free Healing The Heart Of The Empath E-book

You are awake, you are aware, you know who you are and why you are here! You know that you planned to be here at this time in history and you know how much you, as an empathetic, sensitive old soul are needed at this time of huge transition of the planet. The long awaited time of no secrets and the rising of the feminine energy is finally here, you were born for this and you know it.  You know it, but you are tired, it’s been a long struggle and your heart is tired.

A lot of empathetic hearts are tired!

Our time is now! This is the point in human evolution where we are most sorely needed. We are finally valued and wanted. We can be more effective now than we’ve ever been. Now at last, when we’ve discovered that our energy, our presence, our understanding, our wisdom and compassion are finally coming into their own, when we are truly wanted and needed on the planet, we are tired! Many of our hearts are worn out with heartbreak and misunderstandings and we are weary.

Now is the time to nurture the empaths!

I am offering this little book as a free gift to your heart from mine. I hope it will help remind you who you are. I hope it will help you to heal and prepare your own heart and energy field for the huge task you set yourself and support you in this year of rising heart energy.

Healing The Heart of The Empath Guided Meditation Package

Listen to an excerpt from Healing For Your Heart

Rebuild your self-confidence, heal your heart, trust your creativity and intuition and most importantly realise just how important your presence is on the planet at this time of huge transition with our brand new Healing The Heart of the Empath Guided Meditation Package.

Healing The Heart of The Empath Special Package contains:-

Healing The Heart of The Empath PDF

W.Y.B.W.H. Healing For Your Heart Running Time: 26:09

W.Y.B.W.H.  Self – Love:-

Pt I Running Time: 25:13

Pt2 Running Time: 24:45

W.Y.B.W.H.  Relaxation & Well-being Running Time: 16:04

W.Y.B.W.H.  Release Stress & Anxiety Running Time: 33:07


Healing The Heart Of The Empath MP3 and E-book Package


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