Healing The Heart of The Empath

Healing The Heart of the Empath PackageA lot of empathetic hearts are tired!

A lot of empathetic hearts are tired! But this is the point in human evolution where we are most sorely needed. We are finally valued and wanted. We can be more effective now than we’ve ever been. Now at last, when we’ve discovered that our energy, our presence, our understanding, our wisdom and compassion are finally coming into their own, when we are truly wanted and needed on the planet, we are tired! Many of our hearts are worn out with heartbreak and misunderstandings and we are weary.

“Now is the time to nurture the Empaths! Rebuild your self-confidence, heal your heart, trust your creativity and intuition and most importantly realise just how important your presence is on the planet at this time of huge transition!

Containing ten full-length Emotional Freedom Technique based, self-help guided meditations and a FREE E-book, Healing the Heart of the Empath will help your heart recover from old wounds, restore your shattered self-esteem and remind you that your energy is making a profound difference on the planet. You are truly needed here.  Your loving heart, energy, presence, understanding, wisdom and compassion are truly wanted and needed on the planet.”

Healing The Heart of The Empath Special Package

 Worth $68.94 These 10 Unique Meditations Are A Very Special Price of $34.99

What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing For Your Heart Running Time: 26:09

What Your Body Wants To Hear Self – Love:-

Pt I Running Time: 25:13

Pt2 Running Time: 24:45

What Your Body Wants To Hear Relaxation & Well-being Running Time: 16:04

What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Stress & Anxiety Running Time: 33:07

What Your Body Wants To Hear Affirmations For Grief & Trauma: Running Time: 31:07

Release, Heal & Transform Fear Running Time: 13:46

Release, Heal & Transform Shame Running Time: 14:15

Release, Heal & Transform Jealousy Running Time: 15:52

Release, Heal & Transform Guilt Running Time:15:53



What others are saying about Healing The Heart of The Empath

“Hi Barbara Thank you for your kindness , I can so resonate with everything in the ebook . I love it how we as Empaths find each other . It’s lovely to know we are not alone & we are drawn to more & more like-minded souls as time goes on . I wish you blessings of peace , joy & prosperity in all that you do . May 2018 be the best year yet for us all so we can stand in our power”.Ozark Angel

Listen to an excerpt from Healing For Your Heart


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