Healing Affirmations For Knee Pain & Injury

“Knee problems relate to pride and ego. Affirm – I am flexible and flowing”. ~ Louise L Hay

What Your Body Wants To Hear Knee Pain Testimonial

If you suffer from knee pain you know how debilitating and scary it can be. Feeling unsteady on your feet,  having trouble getting around or up and down stairs, can really hinder your day-to-day life. As for fun things like sport, dancing or hiking, they can feel like an impossible dream when you have painful or damaged knees.  You might be surprised to learn that emotional issues may be contributing to your knee pain and that it is possible to clear them using guided meditation to harness the power of your mind to heal your body!

Knee pain is incredibly common and when you look into some of the emotional issues which can affect our knees, it begins to make sense.

Frustration, feeling stuck, difficulty making decisions, fear of moving forward, a need to control, inflexibility, blame, confusion, unfulfilled dreams and even unresolved family issues can contribute to knee pain.

This meditation helps you focus loving attention on your knees and sets a powerful intention to release all the emotional issues contributing to your knee pain. This helps you relax at a very deep level and allows your body’s natural painkillers and healing power to get to work.

You can measure the effectiveness of this meditation by making a mental note of how intense your pain levels are (It helps to use the Subjective Units of Distress Scale where 0 equals pain free and 10 is intense pain) before and after you listen to it.

Living with constant pain and feeling you have no escape from it is life limiting, destructive and depressing. Using the power of your mind and accessing your inner-healing power can help you manage or completely eliminate pain.

This unique guided meditation can be used every day to eliminate or manage your pain better. It helps you focus love rather than fear or anger on your knees which helps them relax and creates a healing environment for your body’s natural healing abilities to come to the fore. 

It’s not just a quick fix but will have a compound effect.  As you release more painful memories and emotions and replace them with loving, peaceful, empowering emotions, your attitude to towards your body and it’s healing abilities will change allowing you to naturally manage and lower your pain levels daily.

What to Expect

Short Term

In a few sessions you will notice just how relaxed you can be, how loving and appreciative you are for your knees. You may already feel a difference in your pain levels. This can be measured using the pain level scale.

You will also start to see a change in your mood. Pain can cause you to feel agitated, irritable, depressed or anxious. This will change the more you use this meditation.

Long Term

Whilst we cannot guarantee that using this guided meditation will eliminate your pain altogether, you will see a  reduction in the level of your pain, and be able to manage to to start living a normal life again.

Your overall feeling of well-being will also increase dramatically, making you feel yourself again and helping you to live a more active life with reduced pain levels.  You may even change the way you view your body and pain forever!

This E.F.T. based, interactive guided meditation helps you acknowledge and release the painful emotions that contribute to your knee pain or injury.

What Your Body Wants To Hear Knee Pain

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Running Time: 23:42

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$9.99 – BUY
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Others Describe Their Experiences Using This Meditation

It has helped my knees immensely. I bought your body wants to hear, support your knees, and surprisingly for me, it has helped my knees immensely, making most of the pain go away. I try to listen to it everyday. Because of a bad accident, my left knee hurt either a little or a lot every day. Since listening to your affirmations, it either hasn’t hurt or it hurts just a little. SO thank you very much. ~ Mr T.
I no longer have knee pain! I listened to the Support the knees 3 times and I no longer have knee pain! In fact there was a significant difference after the first listen. I have torn meniscus in both knees and don’t want to have the surgery. I still don’t want the pain. It’s pretty amazing however. Ms. F.L
Your meditation worked really fast! I want to say thanks again for making the knee meditation. I really have done a lot of different treatments, and I have Western treatment on it, and your meditation worked really fast! I had read some of the testimonials, and I was scared that although one person said it worked within three listens, and the others were positive, I was scared it wouldn’t have the same affect on me. But I was very happy and surprised that it did. T.
My knee pain, of 6 months or more which I had put down to a torn cartilage, cleared up during very first listening to your knee mp3. Very impressive!

You know, I’ve often tried affirmations for different things in the past but nothing worked til I tried your one. The great thing about using them for something physical, as opposed to purely emotional, is that it gives you something tangible to measure the results against. Am using your mp3 for the Neck at the moment, and it seems to be dragging up buried emotion. The optimist in me says that’s a good sign!” Graham Weeks. 6th June 2018

“Partial knee replacements in 2014. I was introduced to your affirmations by a crystal healer on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2016. They have truly been life saving. I now use them in combination with reiki energy for my husband. He had partial knee replacements in 2014 and was still suffering with daily swelling. After a few weeks of your meditations – the swelling went away, rarely comes back!!! Ms V.M.P. 28th March 2018






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