Healing Knee Pain/Injury


affirmations for knee pain and injury

Three things some of our customers have said about our best-selling Affirmations For Knee Pain & Injury meditation:

“My knee pain, of 6 months or more cleared up during very first listening!”

“I’ve often tried affirmations for different things in the past but nothing worked til I tried your one”

“I listened to the Support the knees 3 times and I no longer have knee pain!”

Now it’s time to discover healing for yourself!

Imagine what your life will be like when:

  • You can move with ease

  • Your knees are comfortable, flexible and fully mobile

  • You are thriving, healthy, strong and fit

  • You can easily walk, run, dance, play sports and fully engage with life. Without fear.

Whether you have a torn cartilage, have had knee replacement surgery, or suffered an injury, this affirmation download can reduce, or even eliminate, your pain.

Regardless of whether you’ve been in pain for decades or hours, this effective download will easily and effortlessly unleash the power of your subconscious mind to heal and release the painful emotions, worries and fears that contribute to your knee pain.

So that your body can come back into balance and begin to heal.

  • If you’re unable to play sports with your friends

  • If you’re worried about keeping up with your grandchildren

  • If you’re tired of being in so much pain

  • Or if you literally want to move forward with your life

It doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

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Customer Reviews – What Your Body Wants To Hear Affirmations For Knee Pain & Injury

My knee pain, of 6 months or more which I had put down to a torn cartilage, cleared up during very first listening to your knee mp3. Very impressive! You know, I’ve often tried affirmations for different things in the past but nothing worked til I tried your one. The great thing about using them for something physical, as opposed to purely emotional, is that it gives you something tangible to measure the results against. Am using your mp3 for the Neck at the moment, and it seems to be dragging up buried emotion. The optimist in me says that’s a good sign!” Graham Weeks. 6th June 2018

I came across the healing for your knees while I was recovering from knee replacement surgery. It was so helpful to me because physical therapy seemed to aggressively follow the numbers while I intuited that I needed a deeper connection to heal. Thank you for these wonderful meditations! ~Lorri Peterson

“I bought your body wants to hear, support your knees, and surprisingly for me, it has helped my knees immensely, making most of the pain go away. I try to listen to it everyday. Because of a bad accident, my left knee hurt either a little or a lot every day. Since listening to your affirmations, it either hasn’t hurt or it hurts just a little. SO thank you very much”. ~ Mr T.

I listened to the Support the knees 3 times and I no longer have knee pain! In fact there was a significant difference after the first listen. I have torn meniscus in both knees and don’t want to have the surgery. I still don’t want the pain. It’s pretty amazing however”. Ms. F.L.

“I want to say thanks again for making the knee meditation. I really have done a lot of different treatments, and I have Western treatment on it, and your meditation worked really fast! I had read some of the testimonials, and I was scared that although one person said it worked within three listens, and the others were positive, I was scared it wouldn’t have the same affect on me. But I was very happy and surprised that it did”. Mr T.F.

My knee pain went away! Fabulous results when combined with E.F.T. Tapping. Highly recommended”. Ms R.D.

“Thank you Barbara Clark. I was introduced to your affirmations by a crystal healer on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2016. They have truly been life saving. I now use them in combination with reiki energy for my husband. He had partial knee replacements in 2014 and was still suffering with daily swelling. After a few weeks of your meditations – the swelling went away, rarely comes back!!!” Ms V.M.P. 28th March 2018

Your audio for Knees has helped immensely Hi Barbara,  Your audio for Knees has helped immensely during a particularly difficult time of upheaval I’ve been experiencing recently, requiring major change, letting go, & readjustment in my life. With a background childhood knee injury, followed by continuing flares ups during my life, I came to realize & understand the emotional causes of knee pain. Your audio came along just at the right time to be integrated into an important part of my two-pronged approach – helping the key emotional base causes, together with an alkaline/anti-inflammatory diet. The audio is soothing, calming, balancing & re-aligning… & goes to the core of Self-Love, which is such an important part of this area. Thank You Barbara for your wonderful work”. Kathy Baker.


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