Affirmations For Breast Health

What Your Body Wants To Hear Breast Health

Emotional Freedom Technique based, Affirmations for Breast Health. Breast health issues are growing at a tremendous rate. It is vital that we start to understand what is going on emotionally beneath the horrendous statistics. Repressed anger, inability to nurture ourselves, self-sacrifice, people pleasing, lack of worthiness or an inability to keep our loved ones close and safe are among the many psycho/emotional issues that contribute to impaired breast health.  Our What Your Body Wants To Hear two-part Breast Health pack consists of two full-length guided meditations to gently lead you through releasing painful negative emotions known to contribute to breast health problems and replace them with peaceful, loving, harmonious and healing intentions.


“The breasts are a source of nourishment, nurturing and caring, an expression of the heart, a sacred and tender place”.*

Affirmations For Breast Health Part 1 – Clearing Statements. Running Time: 22:52

Affirmations For Breast Health Part 2 – Afformations & Positive Affirmations. Running Time: 27.45

*Deb Shapiro, Your Body Speaks Your Mind


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