Release & Transform Special Pack

Release Heal Transform Special Pack

Six Emotional Freedom Technique based, full-length guided meditations to help you release and transform the lower levels of consciousness, emotions and energy.

Normal Price $39.94. Yours for only $19.94

Not only are these emotions painful to live with, ultimately they are seriously deleterious to your health!

Working through the Release, Heal & Transform meditation series will help you move through the low vibration energy. Allowing it to flow though and out of your body and energy field. Transforming this toxicity leaves you feeling peaceful, accepting and loving and allows your body to release, relax and heal.

release Heal Transform Package


Release, Heal & Transform Shame Running Time: 14:15

Release, Heal & Transform Guilt Running Time: 15:53

Release, Heal & Transform Blame Running Time: 15:43

Release, Heal & Transform Jealousy Running Time: 15:52

Release, Heal & Transform Fear Running Time: 13:46

Release, Heal & Transform Anger Running Time: 15:18

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