The True Key to Permanent, Healthy Weight Loss

The True Key to Permanent, Healthy Weight Loss

It has never been about food, it has always, always been about healing painful emotions.

The Key To Emotionally Healthy Weight Loss

The true key to permanent, healthy weight loss is almost universally overlooked. But when you realise it, it is incredibly simple, straightforward and logical.

What the true key is not:-

  • Counting Calories
  • Strict Diets
  • Exercise Regimes
  • Meal Replacements
  • Miracle Pills
  • Scales
  • Measuring Tapes

The true key is much deeper, simpler and more powerful than any of these. The final piece of the puzzle you’ve been waiting for lies in your underlying beliefs and emotions.

Let me explain.

What you are attached to or believe to be true in your subconscious mind is vastly more powerful than anything you try to do using the will-power or intellect of your conscious mind.

The subconscious is where the root causes and the answers to all weight and body image lie.

In many cases there is an underlying pain of fear, grief, danger, trauma or loss which your body is trying to protect you from by laying down and holding on to fat.

In a surprising number of cases, a happy memory can cause emotional eating. Somewhere deep inside part of you equates food with love and safety. Perhaps you had a happy birthday party and a lovely birthday cake, or your father took you to the beach and bought you ice cream. Perhaps soon after, your father left you. Now you think you crave ice cream after emotional loss, but it’s actually love, warmth and safety you crave.

When you begin to see either of these patterns for what they truly are, you realise how well your body is trying to look after you. This realisation is your first step to self-empowerment and permanent, healthy weight loss!

It has never been about food, it has always, always been about healing painful emotions.

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Offer includes 8 Emotional Freedom Technique based, full length guided meditation MP3s:-

What Your Body Wants To Hear Heal Your Relationship With Food. Running time 29:15

What Your Body Wants To Hear Self-Love Part 1. Running time 25:13

What Your Body Wants To Hear Self-Love Part 2. Running time 24.45

What Your Body Wants To Hear Release Grief & Trauma. Running time 31:07

Release, Heal & Transform Anger. Running time 15:18

Release, Heal & Transform Fear. Running time 13:46

Release, Heal & Transform Shame. Running time 14:15

Release, Heal & Transform Guilt. Running time 15:53


I just wasn’t hungry any longer. I had used your Food meditation the other night for the first time (I always feel guilty about food choices even if all I’ve had is a bagel lol and I find it difficult to know when I’m full, etc.) Well this morning I laid out my breakfast and was happily eating it and then with about 3/4 of it done, I suddenly decided I didn’t want anymore, I just wasn’t hungry any longer. This might seem very normal for most people but that doesn’t happen to me. lol So I was very surprised and pleased! lolJust wanted you to know how effective your meditations are. And by the way, all previous attempts I’ve made at meditating (before purchasing your meditations) have been an abject failure for me, thus why I am really overjoyed to find something effective that makes me WANT to meditate! 😉 lol” A.W. 11th December 2017
Perfect tools for those who understand and want self healing. by Suparna G These guided meditations are super effective and WELL worth the small amount you have to pay for them. I’ve used these meditation techniques for the past year and a half, to help with a number of my personal issues and I have had tremendous success. (Since practicing these techniques I’ve changed my life style, eating habits, become more active, lost weight, quit smoking to name a few!) I am a healthier, happier, more peaceful person thanks to Barbara making her meditations and healing techniques available. I would definitely recommend this app to those genuinely wanting to effect change within themselves.”



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