Heal Your Heart

Rejection, betrayal, lack of love, loneliness, lack of hope and many other painful emotions contribute to emotional and physical heart problems. This beautiful, loving, heart-felt & heart-healing Emotional Freedom Technique based, interactive guided meditation helps you acknowledge and release these painful emotions. Loving your own heart first is the most powerful way to love others and create the life you want! Running Time: 26:09

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“Serenity! My therapist asked for my phone last session and down loaded this app and suggested I use it and I’m so glad she did, this has helped me tremendously I highly recommend it and I think more therapist should suggest it too…THANK YOU Ms M.

“Easy to follow yet powerful meditations. I am so happy to have these easy to follow yet powerful meditations. The meditations are very helpful and allow me to start and end my day in a reflective stance. I am so happy to have these easy to follow yet powerful meditations. Tanya Ingram

“The peace, love, and exhilaration I felt at the end was indescribable. I’ve listened to your full 26-min recording for the heart. The peace, love, and exhilaration I felt at the end was indescribable.

Why do I feel so good? I really want to ask you!

I used to think if I don’t have any health issues your recordings won’t bring a very big change in me. In fact, I have no problem with my heart. I’m healthy so I didn’t know what to overcome. But I’ve found out your work is not about trying to “overcome” something or even to heal something “wrong.” Your work is intended to promote well-being.

Abraham said “Almost always when we visit with someone who’s talking about healing they are almost always pointed upstream because in the healing, your vibration is so full of what you are trying to overcome. Where in the allowing you sort of let go of it. And you’re just letting it be. Feel the difference between the downstream, relaxed, relieved feeling of allowing wellness as opposed to the more upstream feeling of trying to achieve a healing.”

Your recordings show exactly how to allow wellness. Your work is exactly on that path. Abraham also said if you feel good about any one aspect of your life your whole life will be taken care of. So it didn’t matter whether I was feeling good about my heart or life in general, etc. All that mattered was the high vibration I was feeling throughout the recording offered by you who powerfully knew its effectiveness according to the journey you yourself took a few years ago.

My big realization is that your work is not only for “sick” people but even for healthy, happy people who want to allow even more happiness and well-being in their lives endlessly. I highly recommend anyone to get at least one of her recordings because that will take care of everything in his/her life.

Love and appreciation, Chieko



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