Self-Love (2 Session Pack)


Learn How To Truly Love Yourself!

Interactive, guided meditation specially designed to help you release self-judgement, self-criticism, self-loathing and open to the true wonder of who you really are.

Do you appreciate yourself and your accomplishments? 

Do you listen to your intuition and embrace your divinity?

Are you on good terms with your inspiration and creativity?

Sadly, for far too many people the answer is a resounding “No!” 

Indeed, far too many people have lost sight of what amazing, powerful, wise, creative and loving people they were born to be. And still are underneath the layers of self judgement, criticism and feelings of worthlessness that have built up over the years.

Yet it needn’t be like this. 

You really can release all your feelings of not being quite good enough.

You really can eliminate those nagging feelings of self doubt that pull you down rather than build you up. 

You really can learn to accept yourself for who you truly are: a powerful, wise and creative spiritual being.

I know because this is exactly what I have done. 

And on these two powerful cd’s I want to share what I have learned with you how you, too, can “go within” and effortlessly heal your relationship with yourself, rediscover your natural creativity and playfulness and embrace the real you. 

I am confident that by regularly listening to these gentle and loving guided meditations you will be able to live in abundance, grow in self confidence, truly value yourself and release your intuition.

If you feel you need a deep healing release, then the first cd is the place to start. You can move on to number 2 when you’re ready.

If you are feeling pretty good but need a little positivity top up, go straight to the second recording and enjoy the empowering questions and positive affirmations.

IT’s true: you really can learn how to truly love yourself!

Listen to an excerpt.

Self-Love Pt I Running Time: 25:13

Self-Love Pt2 Running Time: 24:45