Healing Support For Your Ankles

E.F.T. based, interactive guided meditation specially designed to target and clear the emotional issues known to cause or contribute to ankle pain and stiffness.

Ankle pain? Unsteady on your feet? Feeling unsupported? The thin little parts of our body that we call our ankles, support our entire weight. Support is the key word here, our ankles reflect the support we depend on. Like the knees, we need them to be flexible and strong. Release your fears and replace them with empowering, peaceful and healing thoughts. Support your ankles with this powerful healing guided meditation.

Running Time: 27:09

$9.99 – BUY

If you suffer with hip or knee problems, you may be interested in our special Hips, Knees & Ankles 3 Session Pack for only $19.98

The vibrational cause has revealed itself! I had two incidences with a swollen ankle between July and October and I wanted to get to the vibrational cause at the time. Now that I have shifted further into love it has revealed itself at at time where I can view what I was living more objectively. Much appreciation. Ms J.A.
I felt the pain receding from my foot. After breaking my foot in a fall as I was struggling with the limitations this injury placed on my life and worried about finances as I was unable to work. My anxiety was high, I was exhausted, in constant pain and feeling powerless on so many levels. Barbara’s soothing voice and calm guidance through the session gave me the space to breathe again. I can honestly say, I felt the pain receding from my foot as I tapped, my anxiety melted away, I was able to sleep soundly for the first time since my accident and my focus returned allowing me to take action towards some long held goals which I had previously not had the time for. Barbara really helped me through a very difficult time and I am extremely grateful. Allanah Hunt. Power Freedom With Allanah Hunt.
$9.99 – BUY
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