Affirmations For Hip Pain/Injury

affirmations for hip pain and stiffness

Feeling unsupported, not knowing which way to turn, fear of making major decisions many other painful emotions contribute to hip stiffness and pain. This Emotional Freedom Technique based, interactive guided meditation helps you acknowledge and release the painful emotions that contribute to your hip pain or injury.

Are you tired of stiffness? Weary of grinding hip pain? Frustrated by pain and restricted movement? We often store fears of moving forward, of the direction our lives are taking and even fear for our very survival in our hips. This in turn, causes us to hold on so tightly that we become immobilised. Let go of your fears, allow your body to loosen up and move forward with this powerful yet gentle healing guided meditation.

Running Time: 26:11

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Customer Reviews –What Your Body Wants To Hear Hip Pain Meditations

“Hip Hip Hooray!!! There is one I am working on for my right hip. It is starting to show some improvement. Ms S.D.

“Your audio for Knees has helped immensely Hi Barbara, I’ve been meaning to send you feedback on your audio for Knees you kindly shared with me, but it’s been a tad hectic here. Anyway, how would something like this work for you – Your audio for Knees has helped immensely during a particularly difficult time of upheaval I’ve been experiencing recently, requiring major change, letting go, & readjustment in my life. With a background childhood knee injury, followed by continuing flares ups during my life, I came to realize & understand the emotional causes of knee pain. Your audio came along just at the right time to be integrated into an important part of my two-pronged approach – helping the key emotional base causes, together with an alkaline/anti-inflammatory diet. The audio is soothing, calming, balancing & re-aligning… & goes to the core of Self-Love, which is such an important part of this area. Thank You Barbara for your wonderful work”. Kathy Baker

“The sharp pain subsides significantly. I just did these affirmations with EFT AND felt a load off of my emotions!
Also the sharp pain subsides significantly. Emotional freedom with affirmations are amazing. Thanks for sharingDecember 2017

The first time I used the meditation I was pain free for 3-4 days Thank you so much for making the ankle pain meditation. I broke my ankle and I don’t use my crutches like I should and I dislike the boot they gave me to wear. I know it’s an emotional issue I need to solve. I use to listen to Louise hay and her little blue book so I do know about certain issues we have relating to spiritual/emotional cause. I was looking up one day ankle affirmations and found your site. The first time I used the meditation I was pain free for 3-4 days then the pain came back so I need to do it every day or every other day.” Hali May

“Truly useful when my hip was in its most extreme pain. I was looking for hip affirmations (because working directly with the physical body wasn’t working and it was very clearly linked to emotional pain). My hips are starting to feel better already and it was truly useful when my hip was in its most extreme pain. I recommend your site all the time! Ms C. M. March 2018

The pain is gone!!! Your website is absolutely amazing…These Affirmations are perfect. I was having so much hip pain and low back pain and I cried and cried reading these pages and now the pain is gone!!! I’ll definitely be revisiting this site. Bless you so much!!!” ~ Lola






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