Affirmations For Hip Pain & Injury

“Hip Problems relate to fear of going forward in major decisions. Nothing to move forward to. Affirm – I am in perfect balance. I move forward in life with ease and joy at every age”. ~ Louise L Hay


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Feeling unsupported, not knowing which way to turn, fear of making major decisions many other painful emotions contribute to hip stiffness and pain. This E.F.T. based, interactive guided meditation helps you acknowledge and release the painful emotions that contribute to your hip pain or injury.

Are you tired of stiffness? Weary of grinding hip pain? Frustrated by pain and restricted movement? We often store fears of moving forward, of the direction our lives are taking and even fear for our very survival in our hips. This in turn, causes us to hold on so tightly that we become immobilised. Let go of your fears, allow your body to loosen up and move forward with this powerful yet gentle healing guided meditation.

What to Expect

Short Term

In a few sessions you will notice just how relaxed you can be, how loving and appreciative you are for your hips. You may already feel a difference in your pain levels. This can be measured using the pain level scale.

You will also start to see a change in your mood. Pain can cause you to feel agitated, irritable, depressed or anxious. This will change the more you use this meditation.

Long Term

Whilst we cannot guarantee that using this guided meditation will eliminate your pain altogether you will see a drastic reduction in the level of your pain, and be able to manage to to start living a normal life again.

Your overall feeling of well-being will also increase dramatically, making you feel yourself again and helping you to live a more active life with reduced pain levels.  You may even change the way you view your body and pain forever!

Running Time: 26:11


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Others Describe Their Experiences Using This Meditation


Truly useful when my hip was in its most extreme pain. I was looking for hip affirmations (because working directly with the physical body wasn’t working and it was very clearly linked to emotional pain). My hips are starting to feel better already and it was truly useful when my hip was in its most extreme pain. I recommend your site all the time! Ms C. M. March 2018


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