E.F.T. Testimonials

I am no longer practicing EFT professionally. But I hope these testimonials show what can be achieved with this amazing healing technique.



I was absolutely delighted to work with the amazing Zane Baker of Valhalla Mind recently. Zane is an expert meditator and teaches meditation but he was unable to breathe deeply. He had breathing difficulties his whole life. His allergies affected him so badly he was unable to work! Listen as Zane explains how his life has changed, how clear his breathing is, how he is free from medication and as you will see in his video, no more sniffing!

Heat Rash & Hay Fever

I had a lovely opportunity to share the power of Emotional Freedom Technique with one of our Beyond Affirmations Facebook Community Group members yesterday. He’d had a terrible heat rash the night before, spent the night in front of a fan with ice, antihistamines and hydrocortisone waiting for something to help. Just as the sun was coming up the itch finally started to abate. He felt dreadful as he felt he’d taken way too many antihistamines and had to cancel his beach plans with his friends. He also felt his Hay Fever was starting to kick in.

Whilst we didn’t have time for a full-blown E.F.T. Session, I asked if he’d like me to help him to try to take the edge off the remaining redness and irritation. This is what I call a kind of fire-fighting session where we don’t go deeply into all the emotional issues which are contributing to the issue, we deal with the symptoms as they present themselves in the present moment and how the person feels about having them.

I didn’t have a watch or clock so I don’t know how long it took but in just a few rounds of E.F.T. his skin irritation had completely gone! I could hear his voice and breathing had changed and he told me he felt so much more relaxed. I was delighted and he was astonished!

My E.F.T. teacher, Catherine O’Driscoll tells a story of when she fist learned E.F.T. She was living in a gorgeous huge house with very grand impressive gardens, the only problem was, she suffered horribly from Hay Fever. She set out on her bit sit-on lawn mower to cut the grass one day and her Hay Fever kicked in. She had only just received Gary Craig’s educational E.F.T. videos but decided to watch one and try E.F.T. for her Hay Fever. Later that day she cut her grass with no sign of any Hay Fever!

Such is the power of E.F.T. If you or a loved on suffer from allergies of any kind, I highly recommend you give E.F.T. a try.

UPDATE! A lovely update this morning. 🙂 “I’ve woken up feeling much lighter and my skin feels fine. I tried using tapping last night for my hayfever too and I’m not so stuffy this morning!” He’s heading for the beach today!


Pain Management

Neck, Arm & Hand Pain Due To Crushed Nerves After 4 Level Fusion Of Cervical Spine from C-4 to C-7


In December 2003 I was injured on the job when a 300 pound tool chest was dropped on me while loading it in
a members vehicle at Costco in Ogden, Utah USA. As a result of this injury I under went a 4 level fusion of
my cervical spine from C-4 to C-7 in which they replaced the damaged disc’s with cadaver bone and
screwed a titanium plate to the vertebrae to hold it all together. Since the surgery I have had unbearable
pain in my neck, arms and hands due to crushed nerves in the damaged area of my spine. In the process of
working with Barbara on that occasion in February 2005 I had experienced a period of extreme pain. To my
complete and total astonishment Barbara began tapping on me and having me recite EFT cue words after her. I
had happened to glance at the clock on the wall when we began. Normally in this situation I would have had
to take a rather large dose of narcotic to quiet the pain which would take 30 minutes or more to get me on
top of it. As it was, like magic, the EFT Barbara did with me had me sitting dumb founded and pain free in
little over 8 MINUTES! Just looked at her and asked what the heck just happened? Read more…

A Broken Foot & Financial Worries

I had an EFT session with Barbara quite soon after breaking my foot in a fall as I was struggling with the limitations this injury placed on my life and worried about finances as I was unable to work. My anxiety was high, I was exhausted, in constant pain and feeling powerless on so many levels. Barbara’s soothing voice and calm guidance through the session gave me the space to breathe again. I can honestly say, I felt the pain receding from my foot as I tapped, my anxiety melted away, I was able to sleep soundly for the first time since my accident and my focus returned allowing me to take action towards some long held goals which I had previously not had the time for. Barbara really helped me through a very difficult time and I am extremely grateful. Allanah Hunt. Power Freedom With Allanah Hunt.











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