Exciting News – New Session to be added and Amazon!

tn_promobigI am really excited to announce our app. is being updated will soon be available on Amazon!

Our dear friends at Indie Goes App.s continue to work hard keeping everything tip top and up to date.

Our new Release Grief & Trauma healing guided meditation will soon be available as a downloadable MP3 from our products page and will be added to the new version of the app.

In the meantime, the Release Grief & Trauma recording is still available directly from me. You can find details  here

I am deeply grateful that it’s already making a difference in people’s lives.  Here is a lovely comment I received about it recently:-

“Very very good Barbara. Just had my first session and definitely could feel a bit of releasing going on. I must have drifted off because I found the tape had fimished without my recall.
Curiously, I found myself releasing pain for other people I know for whom the words seemed relevant too. It was good to feel that broader touch embracing everyone in my consciousness.

Your voice is pitched perfectly and pace gentle like the rhythm of waves or sunlight on water.

Thank you.

M x”

I am also delighted to be getting the new cd cover images I’ve been wanting.

So watch this space, great and exciting things are happening.  tn_1576962_onpoint_jpg2a0cdfa8048c612e17a2f1df50739010 - Copy



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