50% Off All MP3 Meditations Gratitude Sale

50% Off All MP3 Meditations Gratitude Sale

50% Off Gratitude Sale

I am deeply, deeply, grateful to all the people who take the time to let me know the amazing pain relief results they get from using my self-help guided meditations.

In return for their kindness in helping me to spread the word about how clearing negative emotions and speaking the right words of love and encouragement to our bodies helps the healing process it is with great pleasure that I am offering all my healing guided meditation MP3s (single and packages) at 50% off!

You will find over thirty self-help, healing guided meditations in my store to help you with everything from physical pain to weight loss, love and financial problems.

The What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are best known for helping with physical pain in all areas of the body. But the series also includes Healing Your Relationship with Food & Money and our best selling two part Self-Love meditation.

To get your self-help healing MP3 at 50% off simply visit our store, click the blue ‘buy’ button on your chosen meditations and go to checkout. At checkout enter the discount code “gratitude” (no quotation marks and all lower case) to receive your discount.

Please share our offer with family and friends who could benefit.

MP3 50% Off Offer applies from the 24th November to the 27th November 2017.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we are unable to offer discounts on our mobile app.s.

Unsolicited endorsements for some of the pain relief meditations include:-

“Dear Ms. Clark,
I bought your what your body wants to hear, support your knees, and surprisingly for me, it has helped my knees immensely, making most of the pain go away. I try to listen to it everyday. Because of a bad accident, my left knee hurt either a little or a lot every day. Since listening to your affirmations, it either hasn’t hurt or it hurts just a little. SO thank you very much. ” ~ T.

“I listened to support the knees 3 times and I no longer have knee pain. In fact, there was a significant difference after the first listen. I have torn meniscus in both knees and don’t want to have surgery. I still don’t want the pain. It is pretty amazing, however.” ~ F.L.

“My stomach was bothering me a bit yesterday so I pulled out your stomach recording and listened to it. It was great. I even drifted off to never-never land for a couple of minutes. But when I was done, my stomach felt fine. ~ J.C.

“I have gone from dragging myself across the floor every morning in complete agony and dosing myself up on painkillers, to being able to walk completely unaided and pain free and drug free. I highly recommend Barbara’s meditations. Thank you so much Barbara.” Steve Wentworth

“My low back went into severe spasm. Being far from home and any of the usual healing resources, I was really distressed. I tried resting, heat and gentle stretching, but after days of severe pain and immobility, I needed help. I suddenly remembered Barbara’s website, which I had known a bit about before. I purchased the back support mp3, and the first night, I felt enormous comfort and reduced pain as I drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I was about 50% better, and I continued to listen to the mp3s about twice a day for the next few days, during which my pain steadily reduced and my mobility increased. I was so relieved and grateful for this when in such a difficult circumstance. I have been so energized and uplifted by the self love affirmations”. L.A.

“Have been listening to the Grief & Trauma meditation to help after the death of my husband. I feel a real difference after just a few listens, my breathing has slowed down and the palpitations have lessened dramatically. I also feel more relaxed and less “weepy”. K.R.

To hear more of what other people are saying about these powerful self-help healing sessions visit our site, click the image map or use the search facility.



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