How Your Emotions Affect Your Skin

Healing Your Emotions Can Improve Your Skin!

Our inner world is reflected in our outer world, it shows on our skin for all to see. Your skin is one of the largest and most remarkable organs of your body. It is waterproof, washable, elastic and self mending. It protects against water loss whilst allowing us to perspire, defends against infection and exposure to foreign substances and regulates our temperature.

Skin problems can be hard to live with. Endless flaking or itching, repeated outbreaks or eruptions affect every area of your life. Notoriously difficult to treat by conventional methods you have to dig deeper to find the real answer. The real answer is that your skin is simply expressing your inner conflicts and emotions!

Depth of emotion surging through the body can erupt through the skin. The skin represents the boundary of our body. If our emotional and energetic boundaries are not healthy this may reflect in the condition of our skin. If you are irritated or if someone is “getting under your skin” should you be surprised that your skin becomes itchy or inflamed, angry and red?

If we feel we are under attack, even if we strive to show a polished veneer to the outer world, sooner or later our skin will come to our defence in the only way it knows how, by manifesting physical evidence, acne, redness, itching, hardening or flaky skin.

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What Your Body Wants to Hear Soothe Your Skin

As with everything, our inner world is reflected in our outer world, it shows on our skin for all to see. As always the answer is to look within, spring clean your inner world and allow your skin space and peace to heal. The good news is that you can clear and heal those emotions and your skin will then reflect your inner well-being.

Let go of the belief that you have “bad” skin. Remember, your skin is always doing the very best it can so send it love and appreciation instead of complaints or criticism.  

Learn what emotions are affecting your skin and how to clear them out!

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