Stop Fearing Calories!

Have You Ever Seen A Calorie ?

I read a great comment recently, “Have you ever actually seen a calorie ? No? Well, how can you be frightened of something you have never seen?”

There is so much truth in this and also a great deal of power. If you fear calories or dread the result of eating comfort food, where is your focus?

If you are focused on fear or dread, where do you think your vibration is?

Do you savour your food? Are you truly and consciously grateful for it? Do you bless it?  Or do you fear calories and believe “a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips”?

Turn It Around! 

“I just wasn’t hungry any longer. I had used your Food meditation the other night for the first time (I always feel guilty about food choices even if all I’ve had is a bagel lol and I find it difficult to know when I’m full, etc.) Well this morning I laid out my breakfast and was happily eating it and then with about 3/4 of it done, I suddenly decided I didn’t want anymore, I just wasn’t hungry any longer. This might seem very normal for most people but that doesn’t happen to me. lol So I was very surprised and pleased! lol

Just wanted you to know how effective your meditations are. And by the way, all previous attempts I’ve made at meditating (before purchasing your meditations) have been an abject failure for me, thus why I am really overjoyed to find something effective that makes me WANT to meditate! 😉 lol“  A.W. 11th December 2017

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Turn it around! Savour, enjoy, be truly, deeply, grateful. Think about the nutrition and nourishment your food is giving your body. In the case of “comfort food”, focus on the comfort. Luxuriate in warm, comforting, grateful feelings. Forget the calories completely!


Now where is your focus, vibration & point of attraction?


Having run successful Holistic Weight Loss classes, I know that the reasons we put on or lose, hold onto or re-gain weight are as varied, complex and unique as we are. The one thing every weight worry has in common is that it has an emotional root!

These roots are often hidden. Sometimes they make no sense to your conscious mind. But…they are very powerful and important to your emotional self.

If you are struggling to get to those good feelings. Read or tap along with our Affirmations for Emotionally Healthy Weight Loss. They will help you clear out all the negative thoughts, feelings and associations you have built up around food. They’ll leave you in a peaceful, loving,  grateful place of appreciation for your food and your amazing body.

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We are all different and unique. We all carry different memories, emotions and traumas. In weight loss, as in everything else in life, there is no one size fits all answer.  Only one thing is certain, to achieve our goals we have to address what is really holding us back. Underlying emotional issues that are really running the show!  These true stories show how diverse experiences of love as well as loss, can manifest as weight and body image problems and just how vital healing these underlying emotions is to achieving your weight loss goals.

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How Trauma, Loss AND Love Affect Your Weight And What You Can Do About it!


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