Intuitive Golf!


I am very excited to launch my latest “What Your Body Wants To Hear” programme, “Intuitive Golf“.

At first glance, improving your golf game may not seem to fit in with the rest of my work. But if you think about it, everything we do involves our bodies and everything we do can be enhanced by relaxing, clearing psychological blocks, being consciously aware and having FUN!

So what is intuitive or instinctive golf?  It is simply moving from intellect to intuition, from the rule book to feeling. From trying to keep dozens of rules in your mind to focusing on where you want your ball to go and feeling in to your shots.

No matter what the countless rule books say, golf skills are no different from the other motor skill that we all use every day. We don’t struggle or think our way  to lift a coffee cup to our mouths, walk or throw a ball – we feel!  We feel and we do it without thinking because our bodies know how to do it.

The “Intuitive Golf” programme will help you  relax, release psychological blocks, focus on where you want your ball to go and create your perfect golf round in your mind before you reach the first tee.

Intuitive or instinctive golf is the way of the future, the fun way to improve your game. Download the Intuitive Golf Programme instantly here and feel your way in to your perfect round.

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