Is Your Energy Repelling Money?

affirmations to attract money

Everything has energy! Everything is energy. Emotions (i.e. energy in motion) attract or repel. Heavy energies such as fear & worry repel. Clear, welcoming energy attracts. We are in energetic relationship with everything in the Universe. Energetically speaking, we are either attracting or repelling all the time.

If you focus on worry, lack and fear, that’s what you’ll continue to see, perceive and receive. No matter how well you know this consciously and try to overcome it with willpower, you are not reaching the levels where worry, lack and fear exist. They exist in your subconscious mind and your energy system.

While  you might be working fervently on a conscious level to overcome worry, lack and fear. If your subconscious and energy system are not aligned they aren’t pulling in the same direction. If they are still enmeshed in worry, lack and fear they are effectively repelling what you are consciously trying to achieve!

Muscle testing or applied kinesiology, is the perfect way to see this in action. When you affirm that you deserve to be wealthy but test weak for that affirmation you can see with your own eyes that something other than your conscious mind is at play. Your real power lies within the subconscious mind. It is active all the time and records all your experiences. It is very powerful!

This is why jumping straight into positive affirmations isn’t the most effective way achieve your goals. The key is to change your beliefs (and therefore your energy) about worry, lack and fear. Heal those and your system is no longer conflicted. It is no longer creating and sending out worried, fearful energy. Allowing you to focus on what you want to achieve without your own energy working against you!

I invite you to try our free Heal Your Relationship with Money Affirmations (including the vital releasing statements to clear out your negative & limiting beliefs about money).

The most powerful way to use affirmations is to listen as you doze off to sleep. That way they go straight into your subconscious mind and reprogramme it. Emotional Freedom Technique is also very powerful. But reading through our Heal Your Relationship with Money Affirmations will give you insights into your limiting or fearful beliefs and start to clean up your energy around money.

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affirmations to attract money

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