Love Calls Classes – Your Heart’s Call Skype Class

I am delighted to be able to offer two amazing classes to help you learn how to truly and authentically learn to love your own heart then go deeper and connect with your soul to help you bring in more of your soul’s love, magnificence and wisdom into your everyday life.


Love Calls Class 1 – Your Heart’s Call

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Your heart is calling you to consciously give it more of your own love.  This is the beginning, the first step to learning how to truly, sincerely and authentically love yourself.

Do You Struggle to Say “I Love You” To Yourself And Mean It?

It’s not your fault!!

It is really important to realise that it’s not your fault! Very few of us were taught to love ourselves. In fact many of us were taught the opposite! Any of you who, like me, were brought up Roman Catholic will remember these words, said before receiving communion, “Lord, I am not worthy, but only say the word and I shall be healed.”  I am sure we all had some version of that message during childhood and every one of them was destructive and disempowering.

Those messages went deeply into our subconsious mind and the younger we were when we heard them, the deeper they went!  They still play out in our lives to this day. No wonder so many of us struggle with self-love, self-esteem and deep self-loathing!

Your Heart Is Now Calling You

Your heart is now calling you to change all that. To transform it into authentic self-love. This is more powerfully available to us now because we are taking the heart-centered route rather than the mind-centered (controlled?) route. Thus we are no longer trying to fix a problem on the same level of consciousness created it.


It doesn’t matter how long your patterns of self-criticism, self-judgment or self-loathing have been running. We can change them in an instant! We can change them in an instant because they are simply energy. They are emotion in motion and energy reacts instantly. So by coming from the heart and addressing the energy, we can create powerful, lasting changes – FAST.

Your Heart’s Call

In Your Heart’s Call Class, we will work directly with your heart. We will clear any blocks you have to allowing your own love into your heart and help you feel the love your heart has for you.

When you learn to truly connect with and love your own heart, you are connecting directly with your inner child. When you learn to love her, you finally realise who she actually is. Your inner child represents the love, magnificence and wisdom of your soul!

The Path To Knowing Your Own Soul Is Through Your Heart!

If your heart has brought you to this message, I would love you to join me for this small, intimate class on Skype  on the DATE, TIME PLACE ETC. There will be a maximum of seven people on the call so that I can guide each person individually and help them break through any barriers they may have to loving their own hearts.

We all need this message just now, our hearts are ready. For this reason the cost of this class is only $35 and will include a free copy of our best selling, Healing For Your Heart  guided meditation (worth $9.99). This will give you ongoing support and remind you to keep loving your heart.

Please use the sign up form below to sign up for this exciting class. Payment details and an EFT tapping point image are included in the email you’ll receive after signing up.

Please make sure you have a mirror to hand during the class.

The call will be recorded and a replay will be available, but I am certain the energy of the group will be amazing, so please try to be with us live.

The next class will be Love Calls Class 2 – Your Soul’s Call and I will send details out as soon as I have confirmed them.



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