Master Your Game!

Improve your game from the comfort of your arm chair!



Intuitive or instinctive golf, teaches you to move from intellect to instinct, from thinking to feeling and it starts with your mindset!


The “Intuitive Golf” programme will help you relax, release psychological blocks, feel in to your shots and focus on where you want your ball to go. Create the perfect round in your mind before you reach the first tee.


What others are saying about the Intuitive Golf Programme:-

“I just listened to your recording, sounds fantastic! As for the affirmations, they all seem very appropriate”. Scott Dixon, Golf Professional, Dalmahoy, A Marriot Hotel and Country Club.

“Wow, intuitive golf, that sounds fantastic!” Kelly Smith, Intuitive Life Coach.


To  download your copy of the Intuitive Golf Programme click here:- Beyond Affirmations: What Your Body Wants To Hear, Intuitive Golf

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