Soothe Your Stomach ~ 38 Powerful, Peaceful Affirmations To Soothe & Ease ~ AUDIO

Listen to 38 powerful, peaceful affirmations to relax, soothe and ease your stomach.

Affirmations to Soothe Your Stomach

Anxiety, worry, fear and frustration often affect our stomachs. The churning, sick feeling makes sense when you try to ‘swallow down’ painful emotions. If you continually try to swallow down anger for example, should you be surprised to find you’ve developed acidic stomach conditions or even ulcers?

If we have trouble digesting life or worry and fret until we can no longer stomach a situation we are very likely to set our stomach literally churning! If we feel rejected or feel attacked as though we’ve been punched or kicked in the stomach it’s very likely to cause pain in our stomachs.

Let go of  those painful emotions and allow your stomach to relax as I lead you through 38 positive affirmations to support your stomach’s healing process.



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What Your Body Wants To Hear Soothe Your Stomach



It’s great to feel I can have a relationship with my own tummy and, like a mum, comfort it as I would a child. I just wanted to thank you for the Stomach tape. I am finding it so helpful. I have had tummy troubles for couple of years now, following two bereavements and then losing my job!

You may recall I was helped immensely by your guided meditation for releasing grief and trauma so I thought I would continue the healing process by freeing myself from needing the Omezrapole medication which I take for acid reflux.

It is early days yet but I listen to the meditation tape instead of taking the medication and I know my stomach is feeling the benefit of all the loving and liberating thoughts that I am sending it. It’s great to feel I can have a relationship with my own tummy and, like a mum, comfort it as I would a child.

I do continue to take medication if symptoms dictate and am grateful for that but it is wonderfully empowering to begin the self healing process.

Thank you so much.

Much love and gratitude
Margaret x

It was so perfect. One night recently my stomach was upset with anxiety about Pixie, my beloved kitty, who was undergoing surgery, and I listened to Barbara’s stomach mp3. It was so perfect. Rev. Anne Presuel.
When I was done, my stomach felt fine. My stomach was bothering me a bit yesterday. So I pulled out your stomach recording and listened to it. It was great! I even drifted off into never-never land for a couple minutes. But when I was done, my stomach felt fine. John Cali Great Western Publishing
Just wanted you to know how the meditation for helping me and my stomach has begun to affect my behaviour. I realise I have a habit of internalising negative emotions and, in the spirit of ‘clearing all ways in which I have stored indigestable emotions’ found myself doing something I have never done before…… I think it’s simply called standing up for yourself! Yesterday at work I felt I was unfairly treated and found myself nursing the emotional wound all night and even had a dream in which I did indeed stood up for myself. I released a lot of anger.This morning I have emailed my boss to communicate how I felt in a calm reasoned way so hope it does the job!Fingers crossed 🙂Much love M.














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