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What Your Body Wants To Hear Relaxation & Well-being

In the past, taking time out to relax or meditate may have been seen as a luxury.  With what our global community is going through now, taking some time out of it all to re-connect with yourself, clear you head and energy field has become a vital necessity. 

Fear and anxiety inhibit our immune systems and that is the very last thing any of us need right now!

Headaches, stomach problems, muscle tension, heartburn and all kinds of aches & pains are very likely to be affecting most of us as our bodies respond to our worries and fears. 

I hope this little video catalogue is helpful to remind you of the meditations for specific physical problems available in the What Your Body Wants To Hear Meditation Series.  Transcripts of all these meditations are freely available for you to download for your (and your friends and family’s) personal use. They are listed towards the end of my Store.



Download our  Free Relaxation & Well-being Guided Meditation MP3 Now

What Your Body Wants To Hear Relaxation & Well-being

Allow all fear and worry to gently drift out of your body. Release negative emotions, allow love, compassion and gentleness to arise and choose to dwell in peace, appreciation and freedom. If any pain still remains in your body , check out our guided meditations for all areas of your body to discover and heal the emotional roots of physical pain


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