Scotland April 2015 Message from the Magdaleine Group

Scotland April 2015 Message from the Magdaleine Group


This message came through a couple of weeks before the General Election which returned 56 SNP MPs out of a possible 59 to the Westminster Parliament.  I never saw that coming but boy was I delighted!!


Hi my friends,

I want to share this very excited and animated message I got last night. There are personal bits in it which is why I haven’t made it public. I might edit it when I have time and put it out but for now I just wanted to share it with you.  You will see/hear at the end that they tell me to teach people to visualise and send energy to the leaders, I am looking to you guys for help and ideas how to go about it.


Huge loves, Saor Alba Gu Brath.  xxxxx


Me: It’s been a long time.

But we promised we would be always here, we promised that we would never abandon you. You would never lose your ability to speak the words and we are here still also. Ha ha, instantly, in spite of your concerns about that and we are so delighted about the day today and we are very, very pleased. We are (laughing), we are, hmm, goodness, we are honouring all the things you have to do, all the movements you have to make and everything you have to do to set things down in the physicality. (laughing) However, we are, we are, as you can feel (still light-heartedly laughing) in your beingness of our exuberant, exuberation and we are making a word again, we are making “exuberation” because we are feeling it in your heart, ha, ha ha ha. We are, kindly, we are knowing of what you have been saying to friends, that the state that you were in, of the anger and the despair and the tears of the Referendum (laughing) and now that you are seeing, ha, ha, the movement, the POWER, the rightness of it all now that you could never have, we realise you keep saying that in your humaness, and none of your humanesses could ever have foreseen 104,000 members of the SNP – still laughing, ha, ha, ha. And the coalitions, the agreements put in to place, you see this is what we foresaw.

Forgive us, we are not “know it alls”, we are simply seeing energy potentials and you see, what you could not see, but what we could see was that the Greens and the Plaid Cymru were working. So there was the SNP and there was Yes movement here, in where you are living on this land, in Scotland. And then there was in Wales the Plaid Cymru and then across the whole U.K. and in England, focused in England was the Greens. And so what we could see that you could not was the pieces of the puzzle that were going to come together so beautifully and have done so.

The natural blending of shared interests, a shared goal of co-operation as you have known and many spiritual teachers have taught the rise of the feminine and we know that you personally disputed that to a degree because you have gone beyond because you have been in the realms of paganism, of balance between masculine and feminine, but in the political society they are light years behind your consciousness. The, let us re-phrase that, the old boy establishment is light years behind your consciousness therefore they do not wish co-operation, they do not comprehend co-operation. You have seen men, ever since you were a little girl, you have seen men bristle energetically, not necessarily physically, but you have felt the energy of bristles, of aggression, of one-upmanship. There is a reason it is called one-up-MAN-ship, it is not in your terminology one-up-woman-ship! (laughing)

We know how much you love the language and you recognise this and you use this in your work and so therefore we play with language as indeed you do too also.

The co-operation, the backing up, the hugs and the inclusion of Alex Salmond in the Nicola and Alex bond, where neither of them will say a bad thing about the other, which is completely natural to you and to people like you. You will never say a bad thing about your friend, your colleague. But these old energy men, simply cannot comprehend it. They will, and we are not simply talking politicians here, we are talking media, we are talking journalists, we are talking people who actually should know better but they are caught up in the illusion, the competition, the adrenalin, the testosterone of the illusion, of the excitement of the fight! But, and you are feeling the energy that we gave that message with. Then you felt it leave your body as we moved in to the energy of these women and these women who you admire so much. You can feel the energy in your body, when we were describing the masculine testosterone you started to get kind of riled and puffed up and then as soon as we mentioned the women, phew, it was a relaxing. It was co-operation and that is what women have always done and that is what men now need to learn and they have been taught out of it. It is nobody’s fault, it is not a gender battle. It is, if they wish to make it such and they are currently making is such, but generally, on a spirit level, if we, if you remember ha, ha, and we know you are laughing because you are picturing David Cameron realising this in this lifetime and you are laughing and we will say “no comment” on that one. It is not our place to comment but we are realising that you are laughing. But if you, when, when more and more people realise that they are souled beings, they are souls, they are not man/woman, black/white, brown/Asian/Chinese, they are souled beings! There is no fight!

However, where you are on the planet right now as has been foretold again and again and again by spirit, by spiritual teachers, (and again we know, Barbara, that you have disputed with the Dalai Lama and we know why. Because again you are ahead of the game and the paganism has given you so much insight and you fought against, you, you, you were criticised for supporting the women only Wiccan groups but that was out of compassion, understanding of recovering Catholics and recovering other women from patriarchal religions. But you always held as your highest possibility, your highest potential, your highest desire to see the blend, the beautiful perfect blend of masculine and feminine. Even though you were brought up in patriarchal religion, you learned what they called feminist from your mother but you always subscribed to the ideal of eventually, after the healing process, eventually the blend of masculine and feminine. And that is what you have with Alex and Nicola.

And the huge honour, you and many, many others realise the true nature of Alex, but in Westminster he was demonised and, and, they cannot comprehend Alex is bigger than an ego small man! He is, you know this and you are smiling through this entire thing (laughing). You know, and many of you know, that many of you are putting your own personal wants on the back burner right now to promote Scotland, to promote a fairer society, to promote saving the environment, to promote independence, to promote the beneficial impacts for the whole united.. currently United Kingdom (laughing).

But you see, you understand that, but the Westminster boys do not get it! So Alex Salmond stepping back was exactly in his personality because he and Nicola, on their higher level and and even on their political career level had worked this out. Not consciously necessarily, but this was a soul agreement. And you see we told you and we, and you laugh, because you say “oh you told me so” and we did.

Look at the strength now, look at it now, this is perfect and you could never, ever, and we know we are not jibing you. We know so many hearts were crying but look how more friendly you are with each other now. Look at the smiles, look at the power, look at the impetus you have. And we know you are still a bit frightened, it’s not a done deal until the 8th. Well, okay, we are here but look at the new eyes, the new confidence of this land and look at the new eyes, the new confidence of Wales and look at the new eyes and new confidence of the Greens. All is well.

We are so delighted (13.33) with your day today, with the connections you have made. These are soul mate friends. You are of a vibration, the day has been amazing and you must, you do not must do anything but we would (laughing), we would, we are so celebrating is all we will say. We are always here, you know we are always here, you sometimes doubt your ability to bring through the words but you simply have to sit and we are always here and we are just as excited as you are. This is what we explained to you in our, hmm, hmm, when you challenged us to make you feel better. And we did and we are proud of that and we are laughing, it has reached many people, it has helped many people. You guys did so well, you are doing so well, do not give up. Keep, as you have written tonight, keep the vibration up, keep the vibration up, keep the vibration up. Support Nicola, support Leanne, support Natalie, these are your, they are your mascots. Not that they are little icons, we do not mean that but what we mean is they realise, they are sovereign souls unto themselves of course with a purpose and a plan. But your love and energy and support support them so, they are human! And when they falter, in their private thought in the middle of the night, we are not saying they are faltering in public, but they are human. So, your love, support, energy, positive words, positive thoughts, every single one of those things goes to support those figureheads is a better word than mascot. We have it now, figureheads, they are figureheads for a people, they are figureheads for a movement. They are articulating the words, the needs, the demands of the people and they are very brave as you know.

So no one, teach this, Barbara, teach this fast, teach this, teach this, Barbara. In the next two weeks, teach this. Send positive thoughts, send a smile, send a heart, send a green shoot coming out of the earth, visualise, visualise, we wish you, we know you want to do everything you can for this purpose, so we are telling you now. Teach people to send the leaders visions and they will pick them up. They will have them in their dreams, they will have them in their consciousness and they will be inspired and strengthened. So, yes, reiki healing, energetics, good positive thoughts but send them visualisations of new growth, daffodils, spring lambs, anything, the sunrise, the sea. Teach that, Barbara.

And again you are contributing and again we are contributing and we love you.


2 thoughts on “Scotland April 2015 Message from the Magdaleine Group

  • November 12, 2016 at 12:28 am

    LOVE this channelling so so much! Love the way the Magdaleine Group giggles! It is so unlike your regular mannerism, which makes it extra funny and cute in some way. LOVE the GREEN SHOOT COMING OUT OF THE EARTH —

    Thank you, Barbara, for sharing this. And thanks to the Madgaleine Group and all Beings of Light who are accompanying us humans through this turbulent, exciting, maddening, painful, miraculous time!

    • November 12, 2016 at 8:57 am

      Thank you, Leslie,
      I am SO pleased you enjoyed it. They were in good form that night even though I was so worried about the election. They knew better! 🙂
      SO much love and huge hugs.
      Barbara Xxx


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