Shimmering Dragonfly



I have written a couple of posts about my experiences with the creatures of Wyoming. Each encounter was magical. As John mentioned in his article What is Your Relationship With Animals?  we encountered all creatures great and small. This little story is about the smallest, well, she was physically small but huge in beauty and magic.

As we sat enjoying the peace and sunshine after lunch, a pair of delicate, shimmering wings appeared before us. We were entranced as we watched this beautiful little dragonfly playing in the sunshine. But she wasn’t just playing in our realm. We were mesmerised to watch her materialise and seemingly de-materialise as she danced along the porch railing.

Like so many magical encounters, I have no idea how long it lasted and was grateful I wasn’t alone and left wondering if my eyes had played tricks on me. It makes me wonder, what is reality, what is reflection, what is illusion? I don’t dwell on the questions but I vividly remember the beauty of the vision and her dancing energy.

I have since looked up the symbolism of Dragonfly and found it pretty interesting, apparently it symbolises:-

Maturity and Depth of Character

Power and Poise

Defeat of Self Created Illusions

Focus of Living IN the Moment

The Opening of One’s Eyes.

Fascinating stuff,



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