Solutions To Knee Pain. Is Surgery The Only Way?

Knee Pain, Is Surgery The Only Way? Or Could There Be Another Option?

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Does Surgery Always Heal Knee Pain?

The answer seems to be sometimes yes, sometimes no. But is that really good enough? Why would the same operation work for some people but not others? Is “sometimes it works other times it doesn’t” really good enough if you are facing an invasive, painful and in the U.S., expensive procedure? Is it a good enough answer when you have to take time off work, perhaps even risk losing your job? Is it a good enough answer if your family suffer either financially or through you not being there for them?


The Surgery Route

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine described how 180 patients with knee pain received one of three types of treatment:

  • Debridement, in which worn, torn or loose cartilage is cut away and removed with the aid of a pencil thin viewing tube called an arthroscope.
  • Arthroscopic lavage, in which the damaged cartilage is flushed out.
  • Simulated arthroscopic surgery in which small incisions were made, but no instruments were inserted and no cartilage removed.image of a knee operationDuring two years of follow-up, patients in all three groups reported moderate improvements in pain and ability to function.Neither of the intervention groups reported less pain or better function than the placebo group.Indeed, the placebo patients reported better outcomes than the debridement patients at certain points during the follow-up.Throughout the two years, the patients were unaware of whether they had received real or placebo surgery.

    The Energy Therapy or Emotional Route

    Emotional Freedom Technique and my own What Your Body Wants To Hear technique aim to identify and clear the emotional roots of physical pain and thereby the pain itself.

    On his Emotional Freedom Technique site, Gary Craig has many examples of how E.F.T. has alleviated or completely removed knee pain. In one of his training videos he works with a woman who has torn meniscus in both knees. She had been told that torn meniscus can never heal naturally and yet by the end of the session, she is pain free.


    In another case on the E.F.T. site, a client with severe knee pain explained that he had no cartilage at all in his right knee. After the session, he too, was pain free. He later reported that that evening he had bent down to speak to his daughter then stood back up with no pain whatsoever. He couldn’t remember ever being able to do that before. A follow up two months later revealed he remained pain free.

    A client of mine who has torn meniscus in both knees reported a significant reduction in pain after listening to my What Your Body Wants To Hear, Healing For Your Knees guided meditation. After listening three times, she was pain free!WYBWH Knee Pain CD Cover


    Another client of mine listened to the Healing For Your Knees whilst doing E.F.T. tapping and also got fabulous results. She highly recommended tapping along with my meditation which I also recommend – it super-charges your results.

    So before undergoing, invasive, painful and expensive surgery why not give the “alternative” route a try?  You can learn Emotional Freedom Technique freely from Gary Craig’s website and you can find specific clearing statements along with healing affirmations completely free by using my FREE transcript  Healing Support For Your Knees.

    What Your Body Wants To Hear Healing Support For Your Knees MP3

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