Is Fear Making You Fat?

Is Fear Making You Fat?

Is Fear Making You Fat?

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Are you struggling with a weight issue or working with a client who just can’t seem to shift “stubborn” weight?

With weight issues it is always worth exploring the possibility that aspects of fear or insecurity may be lurking beneath the surface. During prolonged periods of stress and insecurity our bodies can lay down extra fat to protect us against perceived threat.

Once again my theory that our bodies are always, always doing the very best they can to support us comes into play. Your fat cells are not there to upset you, they are there to protect you. This is also why our bodies create extra fat during pregnancy, it is there to protect the baby and our vital organs.

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Hating the fat cells, waging war on your body or slavishly following a restrictive diet are not going to address the core issue of the weight gain or help shift the weight. So if you’ve tried  ‘everything’ and nothing has worked, take a look beneath the surface, clear out the fear, let go of the stress and thank those fat cells. Thank them and tell them it is safe for them to be reabsorbed into the whole of you now. Make a start to let go of fear now with our FREE Release, Heal & Transform Fear MP3 Or get over 100 free affirmations to help you heal your relationship with food.

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We are all different and unique. We  all carry different memories, emotions and traumas. So in weight loss, as in everything else in life, there is no one size fits all answer.  Only one thing is certain, to achieve our goals we have to address what is really holding us back. Underlying emotional issues that are really running the show!  These true stories show how diverse experiences of love as well as loss, can manifest as weight and body image problems and just how vital healing these underlying emotions is to achieving your weight loss goals.


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Do You Remember The Last Time You Were At Your Ideal Weight?

Do You Remember The Last Time You Were At Your Ideal Weight?

What Was Going On The Last Time You Were At Your Ideal Weight?

Your Body Might Still Be Trying To Protect You From It!

A few years ago in my Emotional Freedom Technique Practice, I specialised in helping people with weight issues. I was fascinated by the various, sometimes complex, reasons we hold on to excess weight.

It’s now widely known that putting on and carrying excess weight can be a protective reaction to trauma regardless of what weight you were when the trauma happened. Using E.F.T. it is a fairly simple matter to clear the feelings and emotions around the trauma and allow the body to come back into balance.

Holding on to excess weight can be a reaction to a happy memory.

What is less well- known is that holding on to excess weight can also be a reaction to a happy memory. A skilled E.F.T. practitioner should be able to help you untangle and heal those feelings and emotions too.

Your body is trying to protect you.

Another, less well-known, aspect of why we hold on to excess weight is that something traumatic happened when you were last at your ideal weight and your body is trying to protect you from it happening again. This can be quite complex to unravel, especially if the trauma is deeply hidden.

One lady I worked with, we’ll call her Sally, used a well-known national weight loss plan and had great success up to a point. That point was 11st 11 lbs and she simply could not get past it! It was like a brick wall that she just could not get over.

Despite following the weight loss plan to the letter, she could never get beyond 11st 11lbs! That was when she turned to me for help.

After a bit of exploratory work and a lot of tapping, I asked what had been going on in her life when she was last at her ideal weight. She told me she was at college, she loved her course, had a great social life and a loving relationship. Everything had been wonderful. It seemed we’d hit another dead end.

The ‘perfect’ boyfriend had been unfaithful!

We kept tapping, but nothing I tried resonated with her. All of a sudden she exclaimed, “Oh My God! Now I remember”. A deeply hidden memory suddenly surfaced. She remembered discovering the ‘perfect’ boyfriend had been unfaithful and she, in a fit of misery, had taken a bottle of whisky and walked into the sea one night. Nothing traumatic there then???

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Once we had discovered this memory, it was fairly straight forward to clear the emotions and trauma from it with E.F.T.

She reached her ideal weight.

After clearing the emotions around that memory and maintaining the same weight loss regime, she flew easily beyond the dreaded 11st 11lbs and reached her ideal weight.

Another lady I worked with had a similar experience. The last time she’d been at her ideal weight, she’d become pregnant and as a single mother struggled to survive financially. There was no way she wanted to go back to that! Again, clearing the emotional traumas surrounding that experience, cleared the way for her to go on to achieve her ideal weight.

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Will power, exercise and strict diets are just not going to cut it.

In cases like these, will power, exercise and strict diets are just not going to cut it because your body, in its wisdom, is trying to protect you. Which brings me back to my favourite saying, “Your body is not your enemy, it is always, always doing the very best it can to protect you”.

Love to all those wise and wonderful bodies,

Barbara x

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affirmations for weight loss

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