Pain Relief Through Guided Meditation

Pain Relief Through Guided Meditation

Have You Tried To Meditate But Just Can’t Still Your Mind Especially When You Are In Pain?

How guided meditation can help when you can't quiet your mind

The health benefits of meditation are widely known these days, but almost everyone who has ever tried to meditate will tell you that it can be incredibly hard to quieten your mind chatter. Often the harder we try to still our minds, the more intrusive our thoughts become.

When we are in physical pain stilling the mind can become even more difficult, if not impossible.

This is where guided meditation really comes into its own. Even more so, if the meditation is specifically designed to work with the pain you are experiencing.

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Release, Heal & Transform

Listening, as the narrator takes you on the journey into your deeper-self in a loving, gentle and peaceful manner, helps to occupy your mind and allow you to focus and connect with your own powerful, inner-healer. Based on the same principles as the powerfully healing Emotional Freedom Technique, my What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are designed to do exactly that! They help you connect with your own inner-healer, from where all healing arises.

Another vitally important aspect of these meditations is that they help you realise that you are not your pain. Pain is simply something you are experiencing just now, it is not who you are! These meditations help you recognise this and support you as you move lovingly and gently, back into your own power.

Scripts for all of these meditations are FREELY available on my site. Click here for links. It is my most sincere wish that as many people as possible, access and use them. Whether you read them, tap along with them or record them for your own use, I’d encourage anyone who is in pain, or know someone who is, to make use of them.

A very powerful way to use them is to place your hands on the painful area, imagine Divine/ Angelic/ Universal/God healing love energy flowing through your hands, gently and lovingly soothing the pain. As you do this, many of you will feel heat or tingling coming through your hands, this is completely normal, just enjoy it.You really can learn to quiet your mind, even if you are in pain, and lovingly direct your own and if you feel drawn to it, a higher power of healing energy, to yourself. You really can learn to connect with your own, wise and powerful inner-healer. This is why spiritual teachers, throughout the ages have told us we can heal and that healing comes from within.


To your health, healing and empowerment.



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