We’ve Moved Beyond Positive Affirmations!

We’ve Moved Beyond Positive Affirmations!

We’ve Moved Beyond Positive Affirmations!

Positive affirmations are great, but many people found their old, negative, self limiting beliefs resurfaced time after time no matter how often they affirmed that they’d gone.  This is because they hadn’t cleared out the subconscious blocks which do now allow positive affirmations to truly “sink in”.  These are the blocks our  What Your Body Wants To Hear guided meditations allow you to clear. They clear the resistance and allow the positive affirmations to work.

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What Your Body Wants To Hear

Release, Heal & Transform

Changing your thoughts changes your whole life. Through clearing negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive loving ones, you improve your health, take control of your life and create the future you want.

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These guided meditations are specially designed to clear out unconscious conditioning and limiting beliefs. Working at the unconscious level ensures that negative patterns can’t keep popping up again and again. This allows you to truly live the positive affirmations you are making and is a powerful mind, body and spirit experience.

When you download the app. you have instant FREE access to the first powerful guided meditation. You can then unlock more meditations from within the app. to create more love, money and confidence, to heal emotional eating, heartbreak, relieve stress and much more.

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Do You Want To Be Healthy, Happy and Slim?

tn_ThankyoubodyWhere is your focus? Are your negative beliefs being activated?  What is your vibration around being healthy, happy and slim?

Try this simple exercise, say aloud “I am healthy, happy and slim”.  Pay close attention to how you feel when you say the words. How true do they feel?  Do you feel a “stuckness”, resistance, tightness?

Now try, “Why am I so healthy, happy and slim?”. How does that feel? Is there a difference?

This exercise will help you feel  where your vibration is in relation to health, happiness and having a slender body. No matter where it is, it is  caused by a thought or  belief and a belief is only a thought that you’ve thought over and over until it became your version of the truth.

You can easily change your thoughts and beliefs. Take baby steps, be gentle with yourself. If you need some ideas about how to change your self talk and beliefs, please check out the free transcripts available on this blog

This little video explains Abraham’s take on beliefs around being healthy, happy and slim. Focus and appreciation!




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