New Release Grief & Trauma Programme!


 The Release Grief & Trauma programme is now available on our revised app.   You can download it here

People have been asking for a guided healing meditation which addresses the deep pain and despair which often accompany painful and traumatic events in our lives.  Times when we feel that we just can’t go on and will never find peace again. So here it is!

I am delighted to announce the release of the latest Beyond Affirmations: What Your Body Wants To Hear guided healing mediation, Release Grief and Trauma.  This is the first new recording I’ve done for a while  and I’ve loved getting back in to the creative process.

Grief and trauma can run very deep and cut us to our core.  This meditation takes gentle, baby steps towards releasing painful emotions, moving towards acceptance, healing and peace.

With Love,


I truly appreciate when people let me know how they get on with my programmes. I was delighted to receive this:-

“Very very good Barbara. Just had my first session and definitely could feel a bit of releasing going on. I must have drifted off because I found the tape had fimished without my recall.
Curiously, I found myself releasing pain for other people I know for whom the words seemed relevant too. It was good to feel that broader touch embracing everyone in my consciousness.

Your voice is pitched perfectly and pace gentle like the rhythm of waves or sunlight on water.

Thank you.

M x”




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