I recently did something I very rarely do, watched TV news. It was Channel 4 News which is covers slightly different topics in more depth than BBC or the dreaded Sky but even so it feels as though they are reporting on another world than the one I live in. A whole other planet!

They were discussing the levels of obesity in the U.K. and the dis-eases which stem from it. Yes, you’ve guessed it, they were discussing the “War on obesity”. I don’t remember the names of the panel members but there was a woman who’d had Bariatric surgery, a Bariatric Consultant and a woman who wanted to blame the food industry for the scourge of obesity.

The main discussion focused on whether the N.H.S. (the publicly funded health system in the U.K.) could afford to do more Bariatric surgery. It would cost more in the short term but make savings in the long term as there would be fewer cases diabetes and cancer.

Give him his due, the consultant seemed like a genuinely caring person. He refused to be drawn in to the blame game the anti-food industry woman kept trying to draw him on and simply said “I see people suffering and need to help them”. Very admirable and honourable, especially as the anti-food industry woman kept asking him if that was not letting the food industry off the hook. A wise man, he wasn’t interested in attributing blame but still believed we have to wage war for things to change.

It never ceases to astonish me that mainstream, conventional thinkers never stop to think that the answer might just lie inside. Blaming anything outside ourselves is an exercise in futility! They continue to focus on what they do not want and continue to get more of it, an eternal cycle.

As I was waking with Finn in the woods today I thought back to my days of studying dog behaviour and training. I remember learning, dogs do what works! Whether its the behaviour we want or not, if it works for the dog, he’ll repeat it. How different is that from human beings? We do something which does not work and repeat it over and over again somehow expecting the outcome to change!

Mother Theresa famously refused to attend an anti-war rally but said she’d happily attend a pro-peace one. What a wise woman!

No part of our body is our enemy! Waging war on our bodies is never going to create health and well-being, it can’t. War only ever begets more war.

Like everything our bodies do, fat cells are there for a reason. They are usually created as protection from a perceived threat. Healing your fears, telling your fat cells that you are safe and thanking them for everything they have done for you is a far more healthy and loving way to lose weight than waging war on them. Why would you wage war on part of yourself that was trying to help you?

You can use the physical force of surgery or strict diet and rigorous exercise to change the appearance of your body. But unless you do the inner work, the inner conflict and perceived need for protection will eventually re-emerge.

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Many people have asked why the What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are so powerfully effective. To be honest I didn’t really know but I think I am beginning to understand and science is starting to explain it.

Everywhere I look at the moment people are exploring the science of dis-ease, healing from the inside and the amazing power of thought. In all of this new information there are aspects which are included in the W.Y.B.W.H. meditations.  For example, Lynne McTaggart says that in her intention experiments they found that being specific produced the greatest effects. Our meditations address the emotional energy held in individual areas of the body. It doesn’t get much more specific than “I release any instability I have stored in my ankles!”, ” I release any stubbornness or rigid thinking patterns I have stored in my head!”, “I release any sense of loss I have stored in my heart!”, “I release any financial concerns, I have stored in my lower back!” etc.

Lynne also teaches that emotions occur in every cell and that thoughts are the body’s most powerful instruction. Change the thoughts i.e. the instructions and you change your body. She goes as far as to say “Thought is the best medicine, the most powerful drug there is”.

Gregg Braden says, “The average person generates 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day. Change your negative thoughts to  positive ones and you”ll have a happier, healthier life”.

The wonderful Bruce Lipton teaches that the new science of Epigenetics proves that our environmental perceptions have more effect on our cells than chemicals. This is great and empowering news because we can change our perceptions and thus change our health!

Much as I wrote in my article There Is No Mine or Yours, There is Only Ours the same message or a very similar one is being brought through by many teachers, each with their own unique expression and vibration. Each attracting people who resonate with their particular energy and their interpretation of the message.

When I started this work I was familiar with some of these teachers but had not studied their work in any detail. I was inspired by the vision of trillions of tiny cells breathing a sigh of relief when the negative messages stopped bombarding them. I brought through the same message along with a simple yet powerfully effective practical tool people can use to change their thoughts, emotions and state of health.  I have written before that this work feels as though it flows through me and sometimes almost writes itself. I see this as evidence that we are all connected. Now is the time for this knowledge to be shared and used in a practical way to empower people and help them change their perspectives and thus their health.

In the video below, Dr Joe Dispenza discusses why people become food intolerant, the powerful effect stress has on us, the power of thought and the benefits of meditation.  As he says, we can make thoughts more real than anything else. So powerful that we can turn on our flight or fight response through thought alone!

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