Listen to 40 Powerful Affirmations For Naturally Healthy Skin

Listen to 40 Powerful Affirmations For Naturally Healthy Skin

Listen to 40 Powerful  Healing Affirmations For Naturally Healthy Skin

40 Powerful Affirmations For Naturally Healthy Skin

Our skin is amazing! But it can also tell tales! All  our unresolved emotional issues show on our skin for all to see.  Skin is powerfully connected to our emotional boundaries, to feeling unsafe, feeling as though you don’t belong, or trying to protect yourself. The skin reflects your every emotion, every feeling has an effect on it. Skin can go white with fear, red with anger or irritation, create goose bumps with fear or excitement. You may be accused of being ‘thin skinned’ or feel those less sensitive have ‘thick skin’. Our skin is where we face the world and how the world sees us, there can be no secrets hidden in or on our skin. If you are irritated or if someone is “getting under your skin” should you be surprised that your skin becomes itchy or inflamed, angry and red?

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If we feel we are under attack, even if we strive to show a polished veneer to the outer world, sooner or later our skin will come to our defence in the only way it knows how, by manifesting physical evidence, acne, redness, itching, hardening or flaky skin.

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I just listened to your skin meditation – Awesome!! I already feel more gratitude for my skin for protecting me with my “spots”. They have served me well in the bigger picture, actually. So thanks for helping me see that. Ms C.C.
The “Brachioradial attack” if you will subsided and went away certainly as quickly (1/2 a minute) as the cold water. Hi Barbara, I’m a new subscriber 3/4 months, 76 years old, general health good, no medications. My most troubling health issue is skin/dermatology eg Brachioradial and probably Pruritus etc etc from mild to quite bothersome from time to time (every few days I have a good “flair” up). Prior to finding you web site I was treating my various skin conditions with various lotions and for the Brachioradial / on my arms the Best was very cold water for 4/5 minutes, actually brings immediate relief, lasting a few hours. Prior to finding your site I was using a Meditation app from Meditation Oasis and had been using it generally prior to going to bed/sleep a few times a week, I found it pretty good, but had no real long term experience a year or so with meditation. I’m sure I bumped into your site probably Googling around skin problems, issues etc etc etc. Subsequently I purchased your Beyond Affirmations most particularly Soothe Your Skin and also Healing For Your Heart.
I’d like to pass on a couple of my findings, most specifically to the Brachioradial (when it flares up it’s almost an attack) while having an “attack/itchiness/arms for what ever reason I decided instead of the cold water treatment I’d try your app, I actually used the the Relaxation and well being (15.58) introduction Meditation the “attack” if you will subsided and went away certainly as quickly (1/2 a minute) as the cold water. I’ve repeated this 20+ times in the past month eg works every time? Actually I find it more convenient than the long Soothe Your Skin, whatever works.
I wanted to pass this along because this Brachioradial can be a real problem for many seniors and there is very, very little the dermatologist really know about it or more importantly how to treat it (mine for certain is a pinched nerve in my cervical 5/6 disc). Anyway please pass along if anyone asks, one thing for certain trying what I did certainly can’t cause “any” harm. Mr G.K.
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I had some sort of bug bites on my legs that were super itchy that got healed right after meditation. Can barely see the marks today! Ms S.G.
I make “no” mistake about it Your Meditation has helped me immensely control this problem and that’s the simple truth.As an aside I believe you app cost me $9.98 and it’ll last my lifetime, sure beats a 10oz bottle of sticky lotion that only half works, runs out in a month and costs $20.00 + –. Gary

You Have Amazing Skin!

You Have Amazing Skin!

Your Skin in Amazing!

It is waterproof, washable, elastic and self-mending. It protects you against water loss whilst allowing you to perspire. It defends against infection and exposure to foreign substances and regulates your temperature!

There Is A Lot More Going On Beneath The Surface!

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There is a lot more  going on in your skin than meets the eye! Your skin represents the boundary of your body but it also reflects the state of your emotional and energetic boundaries. If you don’t have strong emotional and energetic boundaries in place your skin will reflect that.

If you are irritated or someone is “getting under your skin” should you be surprised if your skin is also irritated? If your skin is inflamed, itchy, red, hot or angry, stop and think where in your life you feel that way too. Your skin is just reflecting your inner emotions.

If you feel vulnerable or under attack, no matter how much you try to “put on a brave face” or show a perfectly polished veneer to the world, eventually your skin will come to your defence in the only way it knows how. It will manifest the physical evidence of your emotional pain by creating acne, redness, itching, hardening or flaking.

How To Heal Your Skin

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Our inner world is always reflected in our outer world, it shows on our skin for all to see. As always the answer is to look within, spring clean your inner world and allow your skin space and peace to heal.  Our powerful interactive guided meditation is specially designed to target and clear the emotional issues known to cause or contribute to skin problems.  Including Psoriasis, Rashes, Hives/Urticaria, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Acne, Acne Rosacea, Boils, Hardened Skin, Dermatitis, Eczema, Flaking or peeling Skin & Itching. Enjoy our free skin healing affirmations

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Or get Soothe Your Skin on our mobile app. click here to download the “What Your Body Wants To Hear” app. Let go of the belief that you have “bad” skin. Remember, your skin is always doing the very best it can to support you.


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