An Amazing Recovery From Crippling Back Pain!

An Amazing Recovery From Crippling Back Pain!

An Amazing Recovery From Crippling Back Pain!

My dear friend, Steve Wentworth describes his experience of using What Your Body Wants To Hear, Healing for Your Back.

“My family and friends have always known me to have a bad back. The condition has affected me since childhood. But over the last few months it became progressively worse until I was unable to walk unaided. Each morning I would crawl on my hands and knees to the living room, where I would lie on the floor waiting for strong prescribed pain medication to take effect. The medication always makes me drowsy and unable to drive or work as well as I would like to.

One morning, while lying on the floor, I knew the situation urgently had to change and I needed to find an alternative solution. This is when I discovered Barbara Clark’s back healing meditation. Barbara’s voice is beyond being soothing and gentle.

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When she speaks it feels like being deeply comforted and her voice feels like warm blankets of energy wrapping me up and shielding me from pain. I can honestly say that the results of Barbara’s meditation are quite simply astounding. I have gone from dragging myself across the floor every morning in complete agony and dosing myself up on painkillers, to being able to walk completely unaided and pain free and drug free. I highly recommend Barbara’s meditations. Thank you so much Barbara.” Steve Wentworth

Steve Wentworth

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