3 Key Emotional Reasons For for Broken, Sprained Or Swollen Ankles

3 Key Emotional Reasons For for Broken, Sprained Or Swollen Ankles

3 Key Emotional Reasons for Broken, Sprained Or Swollen Ankles

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If you have hurt, broken or damaged your ankle, the first and most important emotional issue to look at is support!  Your ankles reflect the support we all depend on from people around us and more importantly our inner support system. This inner support system consists of the psychological and emotional beliefs that give our lives meaning and purpose.  It includes the emotional support of our loved ones or spiritual or religious convictions.  If any of that is taken away, doubted or questioned there is nothing left to hold us upright. This can happen when we are shocked, traumatised, betrayed or rejected and feel unable to stand alone.

Our ankles are essential in keeping us upright, therefore they may collapse when we can no longer stand it or when the weight is just too much to bear.

A Sprained or Twisted Ankle

Our ankles also allow us to be flexible. A sprained or twisted ankle, implies a lack of flexibility in the direction we are going. The strain is too much and causes the energy to buckle or twist, i.e. to go in all directions at once.

A Swollen Ankle

A swollen ankle indicates that you are holding emotional energy, frustration or resistance to letting go.

A Broken Ankle

A broken ankle indicates a very deep emotional conflict about the ground you are standing on. Perhaps you are resisting making a change in the direction of your life, questioning your beliefs or are afraid or unable to stand up for yourself. Ask yourself what does your broken ankle prevent you from doing and what does your broken ankle allow you do to?

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Customer Reviews

The vibrational cause has revealed itself! I had two incidences with a swollen ankle between July and October and I wanted to get to the vibrational cause at the time. Now that I have shifted further into love it has revealed itself at at time where I can view what I was living more objectively. Much appreciation. Ms J.A.

The first time I used the meditation I was pain free for 3-4 days Thank you so much for making the ankle pain meditation. I broke my ankle and I don’t use my crutches like I should and I dislike the boot they gave me to wear. I know it’s an emotional issue I need to solve. I use to listen to Louise hay and her little blue book so I do know about certain issues we have relating to spiritual/emotional cause. I was looking up one day ankle affirmations and found your site. The first time I used the meditation I was pain free for 3-4 days then the pain came back so I need to do it every day or every other day.” Hali May

“I felt the pain receding from my foot. After breaking my foot in a fall as I was struggling with the limitations this injury placed on my life and worried about finances as I was unable to work. My anxiety was high, I was exhausted, in constant pain and feeling powerless on so many levels. Barbara’s soothing voice and calm guidance through the session gave me the space to breathe again. I can honestly say, I felt the pain receding from my foot as I tapped, my anxiety melted away, I was able to sleep soundly for the first time since my accident and my focus returned allowing me to take action towards some long held goals which I had previously not had the time for. Barbara really helped me through a very difficult time and I am extremely grateful. Allanah Hunt

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