7 Aches and Pains That Have a Message For You!

7 Aches and Pains That Have a Message For You!

7 Aches and Pains That Have a Message For You!

woman in bed with a white sheet over her


Most of us have heard of the mind-body connection. But did you realise how specific it is?  A particular emotional shock or trauma generally creates physical pain or dis♥ease in very specific areas of the body.


7 examples of what message your aches and pains might be sending you:-


Frozen Shoulder

Do you have a fear of being rejected? Is someone trying to hold you back?


Are you fearful of expressing your heart-felt emotions?


Are you scared of letting go or holding on too tightly?


What are you resisting?


Do you have self-worth, self- confidence or self-esteem issues?


Are you uncertain of which direction to take in your life? Are you scared or unwilling to move on?


Has the rug been pulled out from under you once too often?

When you start to view aches, pains and even so-called accidents in this way, you discover the deeper meaning to it all. There are no “coincidences”!


Click the pain points on the diagrams on our home page, use our search facility or go straight to our store to find affirmations (FREE PDFS & MP3 Meditations) to help you clear painful emotional issues out of  all areas of your body.


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50% Off All MP3 Meditations Gratitude Sale

50% Off All MP3 Meditations Gratitude Sale

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I am deeply, deeply, grateful to all the people who take the time to let me know the amazing pain relief results they get from using my self-help guided meditations.

In return for their kindness in helping me to spread the word about how clearing negative emotions and speaking the right words of love and encouragement to our bodies helps the healing process it is with great pleasure that I am offering all my healing guided meditation MP3s (single and packages) at 50% off!

You will find over thirty self-help, healing guided meditations in my store to help you with everything from physical pain to weight loss, love and financial problems.

The What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are best known for helping with physical pain in all areas of the body. But the series also includes Healing Your Relationship with Food & Money and our best selling two part Self-Love meditation.

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Unsolicited endorsements for some of the pain relief meditations include:-

“Dear Ms. Clark,
I bought your what your body wants to hear, support your knees, and surprisingly for me, it has helped my knees immensely, making most of the pain go away. I try to listen to it everyday. Because of a bad accident, my left knee hurt either a little or a lot every day. Since listening to your affirmations, it either hasn’t hurt or it hurts just a little. SO thank you very much. ” ~ T.

“I listened to support the knees 3 times and I no longer have knee pain. In fact, there was a significant difference after the first listen. I have torn meniscus in both knees and don’t want to have surgery. I still don’t want the pain. It is pretty amazing, however.” ~ F.L.

“My stomach was bothering me a bit yesterday so I pulled out your stomach recording and listened to it. It was great. I even drifted off to never-never land for a couple of minutes. But when I was done, my stomach felt fine. ~ J.C.

“I have gone from dragging myself across the floor every morning in complete agony and dosing myself up on painkillers, to being able to walk completely unaided and pain free and drug free. I highly recommend Barbara’s meditations. Thank you so much Barbara.” Steve Wentworth

“My low back went into severe spasm. Being far from home and any of the usual healing resources, I was really distressed. I tried resting, heat and gentle stretching, but after days of severe pain and immobility, I needed help. I suddenly remembered Barbara’s website, which I had known a bit about before. I purchased the back support mp3, and the first night, I felt enormous comfort and reduced pain as I drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I was about 50% better, and I continued to listen to the mp3s about twice a day for the next few days, during which my pain steadily reduced and my mobility increased. I was so relieved and grateful for this when in such a difficult circumstance. I have been so energized and uplifted by the self love affirmations”. L.A.

“Have been listening to the Grief & Trauma meditation to help after the death of my husband. I feel a real difference after just a few listens, my breathing has slowed down and the palpitations have lessened dramatically. I also feel more relaxed and less “weepy”. K.R.

To hear more of what other people are saying about these powerful self-help healing sessions visit our site, click the image map or use the search facility.



Watch – The Amazing Way Your Body Responds When You Ask The Right Question!

Watch – The Amazing Way Your Body Responds When You Ask The Right Question!

The Amazing Way Your Body Responds When You Ask The Right Question!

why afformations work

A reader asked me a very interesting question about the What Your Body Wants to Hear Meditations. I thought it may be of interest to others. So here’s our conversation:-

“Hi Barbara,

I found your website which led me here. Your writing on how to Heal Your Relationship with Money really impacted me. One area I don’t quite understand is the “why” questions…Can you share why ask “why”.

Thank you again for such beautiful writing/work!”

“Thank you for getting in touch and for your kind words.

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What Your Body Wants To Hear Mobile Meditation App.
Beyond Affirmations Release, Heal & Tranform meditation app.


The “Why” questions are a method of bridging from the releasing statements to the positive affirmations. It could otherwise be too large a jump for people to go straight in to really feeling the positive. It is also a way to get around the mind saying “yes but..” to a positive affirmation. There is a very different energy around the “Why” statements, try it for yourself, you will probably feel it. For example if you say “I am abundant” your mind will probably jump to the reasons you are not abundant, “I’ve got this debt/I haven’t got any money” that kind of thing. If on the other hand you say “Why am I so abundant?” the mind tends to go to the things you are abundant in, love, friends, pets, health etc. There is less resistance to the “Why” statements and they help to lead you in to the positive. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your interest. I’d love to hear how you get on and if you feel the difference when you say “Why” statements rather than jump to positive affirmation. Blessings, Barbara”.

“I did feel the difference and this makes perfect sense! Thank you so much! Many Blessings to YOU!”

This powerful video demonstrates just how incredibly powerful asking the right questions is.


Follow Up

why afformations work

A few people tried making a positive affirmation then asking a question and felt the difference in the energy between the two. People who initially thought it would be a negative thing tried it out and realised that far from being negative, it opens us up to the many blessings we actually do have in our lives. It helps us see what is going right for us. In the case of physical healing, it reminds us of all the parts of our bodies which are working beautifully.

Asking the right questions really helps you get more powerful results from your energy work! Transcripts of all my healing guided meditations are freely available on my site and all the What Your Body Wants to Hear meditations contain powerful questions to open your mind and allow positive affirmations to work more powerfully.






Pain Relief Through Guided Meditation

Pain Relief Through Guided Meditation

Have You Tried To Meditate But Just Can’t Still Your Mind Especially When You Are In Pain?

How guided meditation can help when you can't quiet your mind

The health benefits of meditation are widely known these days, but almost everyone who has ever tried to meditate will tell you that it can be incredibly hard to quieten your mind chatter. Often the harder we try to still our minds, the more intrusive our thoughts become.

When we are in physical pain stilling the mind can become even more difficult, if not impossible.

This is where guided meditation really comes into its own. Even more so, if the meditation is specifically designed to work with the pain you are experiencing.

Get All Our Self-Help Guided Healing Meditations on Mobile App.s

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What Your Body Wants To Hear

Release, Heal & Transform

Listening, as the narrator takes you on the journey into your deeper-self in a loving, gentle and peaceful manner, helps to occupy your mind and allow you to focus and connect with your own powerful, inner-healer. Based on the same principles as the powerfully healing Emotional Freedom Technique, my What Your Body Wants To Hear meditations are designed to do exactly that! They help you connect with your own inner-healer, from where all healing arises.

Another vitally important aspect of these meditations is that they help you realise that you are not your pain. Pain is simply something you are experiencing just now, it is not who you are! These meditations help you recognise this and support you as you move lovingly and gently, back into your own power.

Scripts for all of these meditations are FREELY available on my site. Click here for links. It is my most sincere wish that as many people as possible, access and use them. Whether you read them, tap along with them or record them for your own use, I’d encourage anyone who is in pain, or know someone who is, to make use of them.

A very powerful way to use them is to place your hands on the painful area, imagine Divine/ Angelic/ Universal/God healing love energy flowing through your hands, gently and lovingly soothing the pain. As you do this, many of you will feel heat or tingling coming through your hands, this is completely normal, just enjoy it.You really can learn to quiet your mind, even if you are in pain, and lovingly direct your own and if you feel drawn to it, a higher power of healing energy, to yourself. You really can learn to connect with your own, wise and powerful inner-healer. This is why spiritual teachers, throughout the ages have told us we can heal and that healing comes from within.


To your health, healing and empowerment.



How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Why Aches & Pains You Thought You’d Healed Reappear At Holiday Time: It’s Not For The Reason You Think!

decorated winter window

The holiday/flu/cold season is almost upon us and it can be a very challenging time!

For many people, it’s happy, fun and busy! For some people it is deeply painful and lonely.

It can also be a time when old aches and pains you thought had healed reappear! You might choose to believe in things like “the flu season” or “seasonal ailments”, although, if you are reading this, you probably know it goes much deeper than that!

Listen To Your Body!

Family, festivities, anniversaries and celebrations create powerful emotional attachments. Memories come to the surface whether we are consciously aware of them or not. Even if you don’t remember, your body does!

Whether they are happy or sad, of love or loss, unresolved emotions around these memories can trigger you big time!

If you are not conscious of them, the chances are, your body will manifest some type of ailment in an effort to bring these unresolved emotional issues to your attention. For example, lower back pain often coincides with anniversaries. These occasions confront us with our own mortality and can bring up deep layers of fear and insecurity about what lies ahead or about our standing in life. Learn more about lower back pain and how to help it heal by clicking here

How Do I Know Which Emotions Have Been Re-triggered?

Listen to your body! If you are not consciously aware of which feeling or emotion has been triggered, the painful area in your body will give you a clue.

Download my free Guide To What Your Everyday Aches & Pains Really Mean to discover which areas tend to hold specific emotional issues. Or click on the image map on my home page to find healing clearings and affirmations which tell you the emotional issues most likely to be causing the pain.

Get All Our Self-Help Guided Healing Meditations on Mobile App.s

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What Your Body Wants To Hear

Release, Heal & Transform

Check Your Beliefs!

Become aware of your words and beliefs!

If you tell everyone “I get three colds every winter.” should you be surprised when your body manifests three colds? Your body hears your words and does its best to follow your instructions. If you say, “I always slip on the ice”, are you surprised when you slip on the ice? Take a good look at your beliefs, thoughts and words.

A Top Tip To Stay Well

If you don’t want to get coughs, colds, sinus infections etc. PLEASE don’t watch ads for cold & flu! You might think I’ve forgotten the word “remedies” at the end of that last sentence, but I didn’t. Remember all these ads are there to make money and constantly reminding you it’s the “flu season” is a sure fire way to bring flu into your consciousness. Whenever you see them, remind yourself that is no longer your reality. Affirm that you are healthy, your immune system is powerful and re-set your intention to remain healthy. Give no energy or attention to the imaginary “flu season”.

I wish everyone a very happy, loving and peaceful Holiday Season.



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