Healing Affirmations For Your Hips

Healing Affirmations For Your Hips

Affirmations For Hip Pain

(I offer these affirmations free for your personal use. Please do not steal them and publish them as your own.)

affirmations for hip pain

If you suffer from hip pain you know what a grind it can be. Grinding pain, stiffness or constant pain curtails movement and prevents you doing activities you love.  Hip pain is often telling us that we are holding on to a lot of fear, root chakra, primal fear.

Fear of movement can manifest as stiffness or pain in the hips. Fear of moving in to our future or of a change in the direction of our lives. A resistance to change, perhaps regarding work or living situation or a fear of not finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose. Does the ground you are standing on feel shaky and uncertain? Feeling useless or fearing for our survival causes us to hold on tightly to what we have often to the point that we become immobile. Are you carrying too much weight for others, holding it as a mother carries a child on her hip? You may even be carrying your own mother in your hips. Is it hard for you to put her down and stand on your own?

Whilst you might not want to do headstands, you do want to be able to move forward, both metaphorically and physically, in a pain free, confident way. And the good news is, you can!! Let go of the past and move forward with flexibility and confidence.


Affirmations to Help Your Hips Heal

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With every breath I take, I am sending, love and gratitude to every single cell in my body. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Every part of me is getting the optimum benefit from this exercise!

With every breath I take, I am sending love, gratitude and healing to my hips!

Releasing The Destructive Negative Emotions Affecting Your Hips

I release any fear I have stored in my hips!

I release any fear of making major decisions I have stored in my hips!

I release any sense of having nothing to look forward to I have stored in my hips!

I release any feelings of lack of support I have stored in my hips!

I release any feelings of non-acceptance of the present I have stored in my hips!

I release any feelings of non-acceptance of my physical situation I have stored in my hips!

I release any fear of moving forward I have stored in my hips!

I release any anger I have stored in my hips!

I release any fear about letting go of the past I have stored in my hips!

I release any feelings of being unable to stand on my own I have stored in my hips!

I release any resistance I have stored in my hips!

I release any stiffness I have stored in my hips!

I release any fear about my life purpose I have stored in my hips!

I release any financial worries I have stored in my hips!

I release any feelings of being on shaky ground I have stored in my hips!

I release any feelings of being useless I have stored in my hips!

I release any hurt I have stored in my hips!

I release any feelings of being stuck that I have stored in my hips!

I clear all the ways I am holding on too tightly!

I clear all the ways I am carrying too much weight for others!

I release any conflict I have stored in my hips!

I release the idea that my hips are a problem!

Afformations To Prepare Your Subconscious Mind To Accept & Receive Positive Affirmations

Why do I feel so safe now?

Why do I feel so secure now?

Why do I feel so confident now?

Why do I have so much to look forward to now?

Why do I feel safe moving forward now?

Why do I feel so supported now?

Why am I free of doubt and uncertainty?

Why is it safe to move forward in my life now?

Why do I no longer carry so much weight for others any longer?

Why was it so easy to let go of the past?

Why is it so easy to stand on my own now?

Why do I know I am safely on solid ground now?

Why is it so easy to forgive?

My hips move freely and easily!

My hips support me securely!

My hips are in perfect balance!

My hips are strong!

Powerful, Positive, Healing Affirmations

I am free to move!

It is safe for me to express my deeper feelings!

It is easy to let go of everything that no longer serves me!

I move forward with grace and ease!


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I am perfectly aligned!

I am safe and secure!

I am loved and supported!

I am willing to forgive the past!

I am always supported!

I lovingly allow love, joy and good health to flow through my mind and body!


My hips are strong and healthy!

My hips support me easily and effortlessly!

I am safe and loved and totally supported!

I embrace change!

I have purpose and focus!

I am strong and flexible!

I deserve to be pain free!

I no longer carry responsibilities that are not mine!

I willingly release the past. It is safe for me to let go, I am free!

I am thriving!

I am healthy!

I am strong and fit!

It was easy to leave all that heavy stuff behind!

I love this new feeling of freedom!

My mind and body are in perfect balance!


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My joints move freely and easily!

My ligaments and tendons support me securely!

I am confident and successful!

I am supple!

I am safe!

I am confident about the road ahead!

My body is vital and healthy!

My body is restored to its natural state of perfect health!

I have good hips!

Actually, I have GREAT hips!

Thank you, hips, for everything you do for me!

I am peace!

I am love!

All Is Well.

Customer Reviews – Hip Pain

I feel much better tonight mentally as well. A few days ago after moving my father in law to a nursing home, we had to clear out his apt. This is the apt I have taken care of him for almost a year. Clearing out his apt was filled with so many emotions. I developed almost debilitating left hip pain while moving his stuff out. Now two days later after cleaning up a day ago, I woke up with pain in the morning but my nightfall tonight, it is almost all gone. I was in so much pain I was crying and could only drag my leg around all yesterday. Even today earlier in the day, there was still intense pain at times. As an herbalist, I began to question if it was not emotional rather than overdoing it when moving the stuff out. I know it is. There was so much fear for the future since he was paying us to take care of him. So we have half the income we had but I know we will make it through, even though it is scary since we are 66 and 70. We had to put him in….we physically could not handle him. It was an abrupt change from 24 hours a day for weeks to none. Emotionally and physically I was a wreck trying to care for him in the last weeks. I feel much better tonight mentally as well. I have felt drained like being hit with a mack truck for weeks”. Kate Freer 1st April 2018

I just did these affirmations with EFT AND felt a load off of my emotions!
Also the sharp pain subsides significantly. Emotional freedom with affirmations are amazing. Thanks for sharingDecember 2017

My hips are starting to feel better already and it was truly useful when my hip was in its most extreme pain. I was looking for hip affirmations (because working directly with the physical body wasn’t working and it was very clearly linked to emotional pain). My hips are starting to feel better already and it was truly useful when my hip was in its most extreme pain. I recommend your site all the time! Ms C. M. March 2018

Hip Hip Hooray!!! There is one I am working on for my right hip. It is starting to show some improvement. Ms S.D.

The pain is gone!!! Your website is absolutely amazing…These Affirmations are perfect. I was having so much hip pain and low back pain and I cried and cried reading these pages and now the pain is gone!!! I’ll definitely be revisiting this site. Bless you so much!!!” ~ Lola


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Moving Forward Or Looking Back? Messages From Body & Soul

Moving Forward Or Looking Back? Messages From Body & Soul

Messages From Body & Soul

how your body talks to you

During our walk in the woods today, I stopped as I often do, to sit underneath a shelter built to keep wood dry. It’s dry and peaceful there and I am sheltered if it’s raining. I enjoy the peace of the woods, watch the energy around the trees and the sheep peacefully munching in their field at the foot of Tinto Hill. Sometimes a deer or buzzard cross our path, the little birds flit between the branches and always, the crows busy themselves with some task or another.

As I sat today, watching all this magic and my working collie, Finn, throwing branches around and generally having a blast, I was thinking about an article I have to write for a new and very exciting website.

I am really excited about the article and being part of this new site and a new community of like-minded people. I wasn’t consciously anxious or nervous about it in any way.

Something was obviously going on that I wasn’t aware of, because when I got up to continue our walk, I got a sharp twinge in my left hip. I had no pain when I sat down.

My immediate thought was okay, my hip has something to tell me. I put my hand on the painful area and told it I was listening. I walked very slowly which lessened but didn’t clear the pain. I continued to speak gently and lovingly to my hip, just the way you would talk to a child or animal in pain. I told it I was listening, asked what was up and what it wanted to tell me. I asked it to give me an impression, a symbol or a sign of some kind.

Then my mind kicked in and I thought, okay, hips:- fear of moving forward etc. etc. etc.

So I asked my hip if the pain was about moving forward, writing the article, moving into a new, larger or different community? That wasn’t it.

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What Your Body Wants To Hear

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I walked quietly for a short distance and quietened my mind. All of a sudden I had the impression that it wasn’t about moving forward, it was about leaving behind. Being on the left side of my body, it had to be about leaving a woman or women or something in my inner-life behind. That was it!

I said a few clearing statements from my heart, about leaving people behind with love and gratitude. Knowing that we never truly lose anyone we love, we are all souls who planned to cross each others paths. We will all be reunited one day, for now we can part with love and gratitude. I felt that the message was to move forward on my soul’s life plan path with courage and gratitude.

With that realisation the pain vanished! I had received and acknowledged the message with love and gratitude so the pain had no reason to stick around.

It came to me very strongly that our souls have planned the path we chose for this lifetime. The path has already been mapped out and all we, as humans, have to do, is walk forward with courage and trust. Not always easy, I know!!

This is not to say that we don’t have free-will, we do. I believe we can change our life’s path at any time. But if we love our path and want to follow it, we can gain a lot of strength and courage by remembering we already plotted it out, knowing full well the challenges that would lie along the way.

The main message from my hip (my soul) today was to move forward. It made complete sense because, for many reasons, I’ve been looking backwards far too much recently.

On this occasion I got the message quickly. I am not always so quick on the uptake. There’s a message my body & soul have been trying to get me to understand for around seven years now and I think I am only just now beginning to get it.

There is absolutely no judgement about how long it takes, it might take lifetimes, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we listen to our bodies with an open heart and no judgement.  They really do seem to express what our souls want us to hear and learn.

I hope the message my hip and soul had for me today gives you another perspective on pain. On how our bodies are not our enemies, they are always, always doing the very best they can to support us and to help us learn and grow.

Over 2,500 Free Healing Affirmations For Your Healer’s Toolkit

Over 2,500 Free Healing Affirmations For Your Healer’s Toolkit

 Over 2,500 Free Healing Affirmations For Your Body & Your Life

You may have heard that emotional issues contribute to painful physical conditions but how do you know which emotions contributed to which condition?  It can take a lot of detective work and research to find out which emotions create and contribute to physical pain. It is all based on embryology and which areas of the brain are connected with different areas of the body, which sounds a bit daunting!  The good news is, I have done the detective work for you!

Each of my What Your Body Wants To Hear  guided, healing meditations was thoroughly researched so that they target the emotions most likely to be causing pain in specific areas.  The words and phrases are designed to work on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels.

Transcripts of all our meditations are freely available for your personal use. Click the links below for instant access.

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It’s a sad fact that seeking an “alternative” healing practitioner is a last resort for many people. I have worked with people who could go no further down the conventional route. Conventional medicine had literally given up on them and told them “there is nothing more we can do for you”.

That is a terrifying prospect for people who are in pain and who believed M.D.’s were, to quote Deepak Chopra, “Medical Deities”. It also means that alternative practitioners are only consulted when things have become pretty dire. We don’t get to start on a level playing field. I often imagine the results we could achieve if we were consulted earlier.

The U.K. and U.S. have very different health care systems neither of which are very empowering. In both systems it is very easy to be sucked in to a victim mentality and to feel that you have no control over your treatment or lack of healing results.

One of the biggest pit-falls of both systems is that we give our power away. We feel powerless and helpless, are often in pain and feeling at our most vulnerable. When you are in that mindset it can be nigh on impossible to believe that you are creating your situation and reality. The very idea can make people upset and angry.

If you are able to open your mind even a tiny bit, perhaps listen to a half hour meditation in the privacy of your bed as you fall asleep. You can tap in to your inner knowing and strength, let go of fear and move towards taking charge of your own healing.

This article was inspired by an 84 year old lady I worked with last night. Three other incredibly brave and wonderful elderly ladies are also in my mind as I write and I thank them for trusting me and giving me the honour of working with them. I love you all – you are incredible!








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