How Dare You Talk To Yourself That Way?

How Dare You Talk To Yourself That Way?

How Dare Your Talk To Yourself That Way?

Our internal dialog, self talk or mind chatter works away on us almost constantly unless we learn to get it under control.

We speak to ourselves and treat ourselves in ways that we would never dream of speaking to or treating someone else and yet our bodies are “someone” too. Our bodies are fields of consciousness, our cells are alive and intelligent, our body is our spirit physically expressing itself. Physical changes occur in our bodies in response to thoughts and beliefs so imagine what a stream constant, negative messages creates?

This video illustrates my point perfectly. It is quite shocking to see the words we frequently use to ourselves being spoken out loud and directed towards someone else.

As you watch the video, keep in mind these images from Dr. Emoto’s work with water crystals and remind yourself that our bodies consist mainly of water.

Dr Emoto Water Crystals



Helping to change negative self talk is my absolute passion. If you or a friend needs help to change negative mind chatter please feel free to use and share the clearings and affirmations freely available from the drop down menus above.

Huge thanks to Mary McCallion Demspey of Angel Whispers for sharing this fantastic video lesson.

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