The Easy Way To Start Healing From Within

The Easy Way To Start Healing From Within

The Easy Way To Start Healing From Within

So you’ve watched The Secret, listened to Kryon, Abraham Hicks and other spiritual teachers. You’ve read Louise L. Hay’s Your Can Heal Your Life and watched the way Dr Emoto’s water crystals react to the power of words! You Believe!

You believe you can heal yourself by the power of your words and intention, but feel ridiculous talking to yourself or don’t know what to say. You believe your emotions are causing your discomfort, pain or life challenges but have no idea which emotions they are or how to heal them.

You may have heard of Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas Accupressure Technique, Divine Love Healing and many others, but don’t have time to study any of them in enough depth to take yourself through an effective self-healing session.

I understand! I was once in your shoes!  I believed, but didn’t know where to start. Life had to take me to such a low point that I could hardly walk to make me pay attention and deal with the underlying emotional causes.

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You don’t have to fall so low or suffer so much.  I have put the words together for you! All you have to do is read or listen to them. This will help you break the habit of self-sabotaging, fearful self-talk and teach you to speak kindly to your body.  You will be astonished by how quickly your body responds to your new peaceful, loving, kind, healing words.

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True Power Versus Force

True Power Versus Force

True Power Versus Force

In his book, Power Versus Force, David R. Hawkins opens us up to the idea of different human emotions calibrating at different levels of consciousness.  Using kinesiology, or what many of us know as muscle testing, he created a scale of human emotions known as The Map of Consciousness.

The Map of Consciousness can explain a huge amount about human history and experiences in our daily lives. It explains for example, how Mahatma Gandhi prevailed over the British Empire. Violence is of course force, and the British Empire embodied plenty of that.  Fundamental to Gandhi’s true power were his intention and principles. Gandhi stood for the intrinsic dignity of human beings and their rights to freedom, sovereignty and self-determination. The position of the British Empire was one of self-interest and exploitation. According to The Map of Consciousness, Gandhi’s consciousness calibrated at 700 whilst the British Empire calibrated at 200. Because he was aligned with power instead of force, expressed universal principles and eschewed violence he was able to unite the will of the people. When the will of the people is so united by and aligned with universal principles it is virtually unconquerable. Colonialism on the other hand is founded in self-interest and low levels of consciousness.

Whilst not infallible, The Map of Consciousness is fascinating and explains a great deal of what we see going on around us in the world. The lowest emotion on the scale is shame, the second lowest, guilt, followed by apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and so on, up to the level of enlightenment. This ties in with Abraham Hicks teachings that when we move to a feeling which feels a little better, we raise our vibration. Hence, feeling anger is more positive than feeling apathetic.

The Map of Consciousness was the inspiration for my new app.  Beyond Affirmations: Release, Heal & Transform Guided Meditations. It occurred to me that if we could easily and gently release the lower, painful energies and emotions, we could transform our consciousness and energy vibration to higher levels. This not only feels better, but in accordance with the Law of Attraction, it has to attract more of the things we want into our lives.




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