Struck By Crippling Back Pain Alone In The African Bush! [Video]

Struck By Crippling Back Pain Alone In The African Bush! [Video]

A Courageous Journey Through Back Pain Travelling Alone in the African Bush! [Video]

While Leslie was travelling, alone in Africa, her lower back went in to spasm leaving her immobilised and very frightened.

With no way to access her usual medical resources she visited energy healers, rested, prayed and did her own brand of energy work (MAP, Reiki and Visualizations).

Nothing she tried made any difference and as her pain worsened she became desperate.

Having previously come across my What Your Body Wants To Hear – Healing For Your Back  guided meditations, Leslie decided to give them a try. Listen as Leslie describes how her pain reduced, her mobility increased and her sense of desperation disappeared as she listened.

Leslie’s Story In Her Own Words, Amazing Energy and Courage


Felt about 60-70 percent better!! My goodness!  I must say I have experienced great improvement already from your wonderful recordings!  Your voice is so soothing, as is the music, and each time, I definitely reach what I call “zero point”== a VERY relaxed and deeply rejuvenating place!  And I am happy to report that every time I get up afterward, there is definite improvement in the pain and stiffness in my back!!  I must say that I was at quite a low point last night, after two weeks of attempting to help myself feel better, seeing energy healers here in Hout Bay, South Africa, and resting and praying, and doing my own brand of energy work (MAP, Reiki, visualizations), and STILL in pain — actually it had gotten much worse again.  It was SUCH a gift to get the recordings and be able to listen to them last night (and twice today)!  Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend, you know?

I slept so well, and this morning, I felt about 60-70 percent better!!  I am also impressed with your deep insight into what can be held in our back– so many of the statements resonated so strongly with me!  I could feel my root chakra opening and the energy moving powerfully as I released those many, many emotions and beliefs– and I will continue to do so.
Well, thank you again for all you BE and all you share!  Please feel free to use any or all of the above in a testimonial in any way you choose!
Much gratitude and love,
Hello Barbara,

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The Amazing Ways Emotions Affect Our Bodies!

The Amazing Ways Emotions Affect Our Bodies!

The Amazing Ways Emotions Affect Our Bodies & What You Can Do About It!

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If you’ve never stopped to think that your physical pain may the result of something else going on in your life, now is a good time to think about it. With more and more research showing that our thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on our bodies, it makes perfect sense to look for the underlying cause of the pain rather than just try to suppress painful symptoms.

Not only is it a more accurate way to view what is really going on but psychologically it is great to know that you have control of your pain levels.

When you clear the underlying emotions, physical pain and unconscious patterns of behaviour subside and amazing changes take place. Sometimes these changes are so remarkable, you don’t even remember you had the problem in the first place!

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