Where is Your Focus & Vibration Around Food and Calories?

Where is Your Focus & Vibration Around Food and Calories?

Where is Your Focus & Vibration Around Food and Calories?

Do you savour your food? Are you grateful? Or do you fear calories and believe “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”?

Where is your focus?plate of colourful cakes

I read a great comment this morning, “Have you ever actually seen a calorie ? No? Well, how can you be frightened of something you have never seen?”

There is so much truth in this and also a great deal of power. If you fear calories or dread the result of eating comfort food, where is your focus?

If you are focused on fear or dread, where do you think your vibration is?

Turn it around.  Savour, enjoy, be grateful. Think  about the nutrition and nourishment.  And, in the case of “comfort food”, focus on the comfort. Luxuriate in the warm, comforting feelings and forget the calories completely.

Now where is your vibration?

Here is a two minute taster of my Heal Your Relationship With Food meditation to help you get that vibration turned around!

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Read or tap along with the Heal Your Relationship with Food transcript (over a hundred free affirmations!) and change your focus and vibration around food and calories now!






Is Fear Making You Fat?

Is Fear Making You Fat?

Is Fear Making You Fat?

scared child is fear making you fat?


Are you struggling with a weight issue or working with a client who just can’t seem to shift “stubborn” weight?

With weight issues it is always worth exploring the possibility that aspects of fear or insecurity may be lurking beneath the surface. During prolonged periods of stress and insecurity our bodies can lay down extra fat to protect us against perceived threat.

Once again my theory that our bodies are always, always doing the very best they can to support us comes into play. Your fat cells are not there to upset you, they are there to protect you. This is also why our bodies create extra fat during pregnancy, it is there to protect the baby and our vital organs.

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release, heal & transform Fear free affirmation meditation

Hating the fat cells, waging war on your body or slavishly following a restrictive diet are not going to address the core issue of the weight gain or help shift the weight. If you’ve tried  ‘everything’ and nothing has worked, take a look beneath the surface, clear out the fear, let go of the stress and thank those fat cells. Thank them and tell them it is safe for them to be reabsorbed into the whole of you now. Make a start to let go of fear now with our FREE Release, Heal & Transform Fear MP3 Or get over 100 free affirmations to help you heal your relationship with food.

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