How To Break Free From Pain

How To Break Free From Pain

How To Break Free From Pain

When pain strikes, the first thing most of us do is try to resist it. We tense up, take a pill, complain and feel sorry for ourselves.

We tell ourselves and others, that we have a “bad stomach” or a “bad back” or that we are a “martyr to our migraines” or whatever.

We’ve all heard someone talk like this and may even have spoken that way ourselves.

I Never Really Thought That Emotional Issues Affect Our Bodies

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I had in interesting comment on a blog post this morning. A lady wrote, “I never really thought that emotional issues affects our body pains”.

This got me thinking about how many other people don’t know that their beliefs and emotional issues create and perpetuate physical pain. Or how their attitude and words affect the condition and health of every part of their body.

What  Words Do You Use About Yourself Most Often?

If you are in pain as you read this, I am not for a moment saying you meant to create it or judging you in any way! What I am saying, is stop for a moment, catch your thoughts and the words you habitually use.

I think you will be surprised at how frequently you use certain words to describe your condition or circumstances and I’d be willing to bet they are mostly negative.

Chronic negative self-talk and thinking, creates chronic dis-ease in the body! How can your body be at ease if you are constantly complaining about it? Constantly sending it negative messages? When you think about it this way it makes perfect sense.

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What Your Body Wants To Hear

Release, Heal & Transform

How To Easily Change The Way You Talk To and About Yourself

I have been there myself, so I would not dream of telling you to just “change your thoughts”. I know it’s not as easy as that, but you can break free from pain.

The clearing statements, positive afformation questions and powerful, positive healing affirmations freely available on my website are specifically designed to target and clear key emotional issues likely to be active in specific areas and to create particular dis-ease and dis-comfort in those areas of the body.

The reason I provide them free, is to help you move gently away from your current negative self-talk, self-judgement and criticism. It is my sincere wish to support you, by offering you alternative ways of thinking about and talking to and about your body.

It is my hope that by reading and re-reading the free healing sessions you will re-train your thoughts and use the tremendous power of your thoughts to help your body heal.

Believe me, this is not “pie in the sky” thinking. I have seen it work many, many times and I am not alone. Any of you who watched “The Secret”, will have seen the story of “Miracle Man”, Morris Goodman who crashed his plane. In the crash he crushed his spine, was unable to walk, talk, swallow, breathe or move any part of his body except for his eyes. His doctors believed he would live a short, meaningless life, if he survived at all. But Morris had different plans! Morris had his mind, and his faith that one day he would walk out on his own two feet, and make a full recovery, no matter what his doctors told him.

Morris had no more or less to go on than any of us do. We can all use the amazing power of our thoughts to heal or harm ourselves.

So please, use the free resources available on this site, they are freely given and they are there to be used by everyone. Click here to find links to all our free healing session transcripts.



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