Rock Your Intuition!

Rock Your Intuition!

Rock Your Intuition!


Elizabeth is running a Q&A call on Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 4.00p.m. Eastern, 9.00p.m. B.S.T. Click the links below to sign up, get the replay of the last class and catch up with the Q&A.

Elizabeth Locey Indigo Light

I had a great time on the Next Level, Intuitive Training Call  run by my beautiful friend, Elizabeth Locey last night. Elizabeth has had an incredible journey from academic to oracle and shared some amazing stories about her journey from 3D to the expanded vision of living life from her intuition. Elizabeth’s passion, energy and vision shone so brightly along with her courageous and honest vulnerability. Elizabeth is my kind of teacher!

crystal ball


Along with her inspirational stories, Elizabeth took us through a few excercises designed to help us open to our intuition and get ourselves more grounded in our bodies. She even taught one of my favourite and fun things, how to turn yourself in to a human pendulum!


Whether you would like to start opening up your intuitive abilities or take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend attending Elizabeth’s next free class this Saturday the 25th April 7.00p.m. B.S.T. 2.00p.m. E.T.  and learn to Rock Your Intuition!

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